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Holly Builan Profile
Criminal Justice and Criminology

Why Criminal Justice and Criminology?

Joining the Criminal Justice and Criminology program at Loyola University has been one of the best decisions of my life. The department offers a complete range of courses for those interested in the criminal justice field. There are classes focused on everything from research to policing, taught by professors who have a wide range of knowledge and deliver new and interesting information.

What has been the best part about studying criminal justice and criminology at Loyola?

The criminal justice and criminology program has helped me gain the tools I need to pursue a career in criminal justice even before graduate. I am currently working for the United States Attorneys’ Office, Northern District of Illinois. By being a part of the federal government, I am able to use what I have learned throughout my years at Loyola and apply it to the work that I do. I work with Assistant United States Attorneys and other support personnel on criminal and civil prosecutions and attend federal court on a regular basis. My work at the U.S. Attorneys’ office provides me with real-life experience that I can bring back to the classroom at Loyola. These opportunities have all happened because of the knowledge and support that the criminal justice program has given me.