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Department of Computer Science


Certificate Program

Loyola University Chicago's Department of Computer Science has a certificate program in computer science for any one interested in acquiring the state of the art knowledge and skills such as Java programming, object-oriented software development, networks and telecommunications, web development, and database management.

Students can begin the program with a minimal understanding of computers and finish this program with skills to master the rapid development of computer technologies. Courses are taught by the faculty of the Department of Computer Science. All courses are for credit and can be transferred into the major in computer science or used to satisfy prerequisites for admission into the M.S. program in computer science. Many courses are offered during the evenings. Students will also have access to state-of-the-art computer labs to support their studies.

All students are required to complete the following:

Introduction to Computing
Comp 150
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
COMP 170
Data Structures
COMP 271
Three 3-credit 200 or 300 level Computer Science courses, excluding Comp 391, with at least two of the courses at the 300 level.

There is also a special 8-course version of the certificate which allows students with international 3-year degrees to be prepared for our graduate program.