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Graduate U.S. Students

If you have questions after reading the information below, contact the Graduate Program Director, or you may also just appear at our drop-in times.

If you are an international student please refer to the International Students Graduate Admission page.


Please note that you can apply and be accepted without having all the undergraduate prerequisites listed for degree programs. At a minimum these prerequisites include Comp 170, Comp 271, and Comp 264. You can be admitted and take these prerequisites before or concurrently with your graduate courses. It is also possible to have some or all of the prerequisites waived, based on what you've learned since getting your undergrad degree.

Admissions Documents

For admission to the graduate degree program in the Department of Computer Science, submit the items below that are not listed as optional. You may also submit further items if you feel they would help bolster your admissions case.

  1. Completed application form (either completed online with no fee or downloaded and delivered on paper with a $50 fee)
  2. Those who would like to get financial assistance including departmental teaching assistantships should consult financial support .
  3. Please submit Official transcripts of all undergraduate work and any post-baccalaureate still in sealed envelops sent fromthe academic institution. Do not open such envelops yourself.
  4. GRE scores are not required for admission. If you choose to submit them, Loyola's institutional code is 1412; the department code is not needed.
  5. Three letters of recommendation. These are usually from referees familiar with the applicant's academic work, however, if the applicant has been out of school for a long time, then letters of recommendation from co-workers or supervisors will be acceptable.
The Master's program has a 10-course requirement. The tuition fees for graduate courses in the department is $710 per credit hour for year 2007 and subject to change in the future years. All of the graduate courses in our programs are 3 credit hours per term. Hence the fee per course during fall 2006 through summer 2007 is $2,130. The tuition fees for the entire Master's program, which has a 10-course requirement, is $21,300. For more information on tuition fees please refer to the Bursar's pages.

Application Deadline

There is no deadline. Applications are continuously evaluated and students will be promptly admitted to the nearest starting term or semester.