Loyola University Chicago

Department of Computer Science

Tutoring Hours

Spring 2016

All tutoring will be at Lake Shore Campus in one of the computer labs (CC-103, CC-105, SULL-253), CC-102, or another location TBD. Tutors will always sign in through Piazza and announce their location. Tutoring will run Monday, January 25 through the last week of classes on days when classes meet.

Check Piazza for current tutor locations: https://piazza.com/luc/spring2016/comp125to3xx/home.

All the tutors are expected to help with 125, 150, 163, 170, 271 (and corresponding parts of 388-004 and 388-005), though some of them are learning about Python (150) or AppInventor (125) just now (but have other programming experience). Additional courses tutors should be comfortable with include the following:

  • Ritu Agrawal (ragrawal@luc.edu): 313/413, 317/417, 353/453
  • Tom Biju (tbiju@luc.edu): 250, 312
  • Francis Cocjin (fcocjin@luc.edu): 363
  • Thomas Predey (tpredey@luc.edu): 264
  • Tara Raj (traj@luc.edu): 250, 264, 313, 317
  • Salomon Smeke(ssmeke@luc.edu): 250, 251, 264, 313, 317, 363
  • Abdul Zakkar (azakkar@luc.edu): 317, 363

10:00am--11:15am   Thomas Predey   CC-102
12:30pm--2:30pm     Thomas Predey   SULL-253
3:00pm--4:15pm       Abdul Zakkar      CC-105
4:15pm--5:45pm       Abdul Zakkar      CC-102
5:45pm--7:30pm       Tara Raj             CC-102

9:30am--11:00am     Tom Biju            SULL-253
1:00pm--2:00pm       Francis Cocjin     Tutor will find space in IC
2:30pm--3:30pm       Ritu Agrawal       SULL-253
4:30pm--7:00pm       Tom Biju            CC-103

10:00am--11:15am  Thomas Predey           SULL-202
12:30pm--1:30pm    Thomas Predey           SULL-253
1:30pm--3:00pm      Matthew Wojkowski    Tutor will find space in IC
3:00pm--4:15pm      Abdul Zakkar              CC-105
4:15pm--5:45pm      Abdul Zakkar              CC-141
6:30pm--8:00pm      Tom Biju                    Tutor will find space in IC

11:55am--12:55pm  Ritu Agrawal       CC-105
1:00pm--2:30pm      Tara Raj             SULL-290
2:30pm--4:00pm      Tom Biju            SULL-253
5:45pm--8:00pm      Tara Raj             CC-114

12:00pm--2:00pm    Francis Cocjin    SULL-253