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I-ASPIRE Resources For Program Coordinators

Loyola University is coordinating evaluation efforts for the ISBE State Personnel Development Grant. Information on data and evaluation tools for I-ASPIRE statewide project coordinators can be found below.

If you have any questions regarding the I-ASPIRE project, please contact your I-ASPIRE regional project directors and evaluators.

For more information about CSEIT, or anything related to the information contained below, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Evaluation Questions
I-ASPIRE page: http://www.illinoisaspire.org

Report regarding RtI and Institutes of Higher Education: The Institutes of Higher Education Checklist Report (PDF)


Evaluation Forms: Information, dates, and deadlines


Tool Purpose  
Forms Download                           
Collection  Frequency   Data
Due at      Loyola            
Evaluation Reports Due
ASPIRE Data Protocol Form
Demographic and school wide information
V4.2 (May 10)

Word * PDF

Three times a year
during benchmarks
November, March, July (only include CBM data if your data are not provided to Loyola by your regional evaluator)
(Updated: 05.06.10)
Self-Assessment of Problem Solving Implementation School/Administration focused problem solving implementation survey SAPSI V2.4 (Oct 09)
Word * PDF
Once per year (may be use additionally for action planning) (Updated 04/09) Fall Administration
(Updated 04/09)
December 1 in VIMEO
External Coaching Version

Self-Assessment of Problem Solving Implementation - SAPSI V2.4
(Updated: 10.23.09) 
Monitors ongoing efforts to establish effective external coaching of the problem solving process. (Completed by
coaches with teams for
non I-ASPIRE data collection sites)
External Coaching Version
(Oct 10)
Word * PDF
Twice per year
(once in fall, once in spring)
between November 1 and December 1

Spring: between
May 1 and June 1
Fall: December

Technical Assistance Log Forms Count of types of attendees to training to determine increases in involvement (Parent,Special Ed. Admin, Gen. Ed. Admin, Special Ed. Teacher, Gen. Ed. Teacher, Related Services Personnel, University Faculty,Paraprofessional, Regional Office (ROE), Other. For now you can include technical assistance. Indicate if the information being reported is technical assistance or professional development. TA Logs Word * PDF
[Updated: 18MAR08]
‌Electronic registration at
At each
scheduled training
Ongoing July 1
Fidelity Checklist Checklist focused on the Fidelity of problem solving implementation at the classroom level Five Sites per region sampled at random
Word * PDF
in the Fall
Fall administration within 2-4 weeks of
SAPSI administration
if possible
December 1
Parent Survey Parent focused problem solving implementation survey
(tier three students only)
(Updated 08/09)
English Word  * PDF
Spanish Word * PDF
Training Points
Word * PDF(Updated 08/09)
 At least once during the Fall(Updated:
Sept.- Dec. 
December 1


Institutes of Higher Education Checklist
To assess the amount of professional development content incorporated into IHE general and special education pre-service curricula
IHE Checklist V1.1 (Oct 08)
Word * PDF
Once per year
Special Education Evaluation Data
(Updated 10.24.09)
To examine reduction in the number of students referred for special education evaluation, but not found eligible for services Evaluation Reporting Form
(updated 11.03.09)
Two Reports:


 for FY10
Historical Data:
January 15, 2010
for data from
FY07 to FY09

Summative Data:
July 1, 2010
for data from
FY10 school year
February 2010 for
Historical Data

End of
July 2010
for FY10
Needs Assessment v1
based on the
(Updated 03.01.10)
To be used with non-I-ASPIRE data collection sites to determine the needs that may remain within each I-ASPIRE region with regard to RtI.  Needs Assessment

Word * PDF
(Updated 03.29.10)
Once (Completed  online)

April 23, 2010

(Updated 03.29.10)

(Completed  online)

April 23, 2010

(Updated 03.29.10)



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