Saylre Sawle

What Attracted Me to CURL:

I first heard about CURL during a meeting for my SOCL 380 internship. A classmate in the meeting had mentioned the work she was doing for CURL with the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) and what she was doing really interested me so I did a little more research on CURL and found that many of the projects they are working on are issues that I am passionate about. I am a Sociology and Human Services double major and I study social issues in all of my classes, I am excited to be able to be part of the research and have real experiences with these issues rather than just read about them.

What I Hope to Gain from CURL:

At CURL I hope to gain a greater understanding of how collaborative work and research can help to solve issues of social inequality. I have always wanted to help with urban issues in Chicago but I did not know where to start, and now that I am working in the CURL office I am learning about everything that goes in to urban issues research. To be able to learn from all of the staff and faculty at CURL who have been very successful is a privilege I know that the skills I will gain will be invaluable.