Olivia Scheidler

What Attracted Me to CURL:

I first learned more about CURL in an interdisciplinary class, and then through my Urban Studies minor. As a Sociology major, I have always felt a call to do more with the valuable information I have learned in my classes. The work of CURL, with a public sociology focus and a constant commitment to working with community partners to accomplish tangible goals, really appealed to that desire. Plus, it is an office full of fantastic people!

What I Hope to Gain from CURL:

I hope to gain both practical research skills and a deeper and broader understanding of social issues facing our cities. My work with CURL has ranged in topic from food systems, to after school programs, to theories on eminent domain and the common good. This range creates a strong base for work in many fields. My involvement with CURL will hopefully aid me in my future goals to make urban education and educational policy more equitable; this specifically involves working as secondary Spanish teacher in Detroit with Teach For America for the next two years.