Student reports

2004 Workshop brochure
Site discusses the various efforts of the Chicago Rehab Network, a citywide coalition of neighborhood based non-profit organization, to obtain and sustain affordable housing in the Chicago region. The group advocates for affordable housing at the local, state, and national level. CRN looks to educate communities of the options in creating, acquiring, and sustaining affordable housing and what issues must be addressed.

Andersonville Study of Retail Economics
The Study is designed to calculate the economic impact of Andersonville’s locally-owned businesses and assess the economic impact of increasing chain store activity in the region.

Center for Community Change
The Center for Community Change focuses on projects creating stronger voice for low-income and inner-city communities in shaping the development of their communities." Transportation Equity Network (TEN) was successful in creating a new federal initiative “ Access to jobs” that authorizes $750 million over five years to assist low-income people with transportation services to jobs. This initiative allowed for the low-income residents of the neighborhood to remain viable.

Chicago Area Housing
The Greater Chicago Housing and Community Development Website is designed to guide and assist policy makers, housing/community development professionals, planners, researchers, developers and people seeking to buy or rent a home. The website will make available a wealth of data and information about the housing environment in Chicago and other communities throughout the region.

Chicago Metropolis 2020
Chicago Metropolis 2020 is a civic organization that had completed a number studies related to sustainable and equitable development in the metropolitan area.

Chicago Rehab Network
Site discusses the Chicago Rehab Network’s training series for educating and empowering staff and members of community based affordable housing organizations.

Chicago Rehab Network - Development without displacement
Site details some of important aspect of gentrification and displacement in the city of Chicago. Also the site lists the various resources available to inhibit gentrification. A very comprehensive website about gentrification and its various components. The site offers insight into strategies used for other cities. Most of the various resources list focus on obtaining affordable housing in low-income neighborhood.

Community Reinvestment Act - PolicyLink
This site deals with the Community Reinvestment Act, which has caused financial institutions to look at investing in small community business. The Community Reinvestment act is away to obtain equitable development in a community by maintaining the local economy. Through investing in local business the community can maintain the job market for the residents. The Community Reinvestment Act was successful tool used in a South Central Neighborhood of Los Angeles California.

Another Washington group that seeks to promote and create equitable development in the Washington D.C. area. They have an initiative, which includes an examination of neighborhood experiencing three stages of gentrification.

Equitable Development - PolicyLink
Details the resources and steps necessary to accomplish equitable development with in a community. Also tells about the various levels of government and organizing that one may encounter. Tools are based on the most successful strategies developed in culturally diverse communities around the country to create equitable development.

International Science Shop Network
Three of the four partners on this project are members of the International Science Shop Network (ISSNET). This is a European Commission funded network of science shops that focuses on promoting community involvement in both university and non-university research. Centers do work ranging from improving environmental quality to equitable urban development. ISSNET is also hosting an international conference in February 2005 in Seville, Spain.

Livable Places
A nonprofit development and public policy organization. Details effort to create equitable development through creating affordable housing and revitalizing communities.

A group that is based in D.C. They promote equitable development in the area by fostering sustainable communities in Washington D.C. They work now to enhance neighborhoods.

National Community Building Network
Details organizations involved in equitable development and other resources required in acquiring equitable development for a community. National Community Building Network is a group that seeks promotion of equitable development as opposed to gentrification. Also, list sites of partner organizations.

Neighborhood Funders Group
Offers links and recommended resources in equitable development and the new economy.

Partnerships for Smart Growth
University-Community Collaboration for Better Public Spaces.

Planners Network
The Planners Network is an association of professionals, activists, academics, and students involved in physical, social, economic, and environmental planning in urban and rural areas, who promote fundamental change in our political and economic systems.

Policy paper: Dealing with Neighborhood Change: A Primer on Gentrification and Policy Choices
Highlights approaches at policy alternatives for dealing with issues of gentrification.

Resources - P.O.V.
Links to various articles and sites about equitable development. Speaks about the current environment that would be encountered in dealing with equitable development. In-depth examination gentrification in cities such as Chicago and Austin.