Homeseeker Services

Looking for a Real Choice in Where to Live?

Who isn't? Do you want good schools? Do you desire excellent job opportunities? Do you long for the peace and quiet of a neighborhood? Maybe you want a shorter commute, the freedom to spend more time with your family and less time driving or riding the bus or train. Maybe you're renting now and are just ready to get a place of your own.

Housing dreams come in all sizes and kinds, and in America, every single person and family should be able to look at every housing option within their price range, and make their dreams come true. Unfortunately, history shows that not all housing choices are equal. Minorities, persons of low- and moderate-income, and families with children in particular may face greater obstacles finding the housing they need.

The Leadership Council's home seeker service, helped families find the housing they want by helping individuals and families make informed choices from the full housing market. Our counselors helped with every step of the process, from apartment and house hunting, to finding fairly priced financing, to learning about different community resources near your new home. When necessary, staff in our Legal Action Program would investigate any charges of housing discrimination and provide legal assistance.

Any Questions?

Though the council itself is no longer active, we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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