Public Policy

Public Policy was a Leadership Council's program that worked to advocate for effective fair housing policies at the federal, county, state, and local levels. Since 2000, the Leadership Council co-convened the Regional Affordable Housing Roundtable, a collaborative of state, regional, and local fair and affordable housing organizations that have played a critical role in developing Illinois policies in affordable housing, equitable community development, and regional planning.

Leadership Council's former President and CEO Howard Stanback co-chaired the Family Housing Working Group of the Governor's Housing Task Force; John Lukehart, VP for Government and Community Affairs, was on the Governor's Housing Task Force Regional Solutions Working Group and a member of the Housing Committee of the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus. In the last year, the Leadership Council contributed to the passage of significant new legislation and to the development of a comprehensive state housing agenda.

Public Policy was also responsible for overseeing specific Leadership Council research projects, including the Community of Opportunity Index Project, a project that evaluated the region's 276 communities on the basis of the availability of a range of opportunity structures, such as affordable housing, employment, and good schools. The Index was intended to serve as a vehicle for organizing and advocacy at the community-level.

The Leadership Council's Public Policy objectives for FY 2005 included passing legislation creating new funding mechanisms for affordable housing, continuing to advocate for reforms in the administration of Housing Choice Voucher programs, and convening at least 3 forums for public officials, including forums concerning the implications of the Community of Opportunity Index.

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