Chapter 2: Overview of the 14 Neighborhoods Studied

Philip Nyden
Loyola University, Chicago

John Lukehart
Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities

Michael T. Maly
Roosevelt University

William Peterman
Chicago State University


The 14 communities studied vary significantly in both the nature of their diversity and the context within which diversity was achieved and is maintained. In the initial stages of the project, 14 neighborhoods were chosen from a pool of 77 neighborhoods in more than 20 cities. To select the final 14 neighborhoods to research, care was given to choose those that varied in relation to the following characteristics:

  • Racial composition.
  • The level of segregation in the city.
  • The age of the city.
  • The regional location of the city.
  • The consistency with which informants identified the areas as diverse.
  • The presence or absence of community organizations committed to sustaining diversity.

Chapter 2: Overview of the 14 Neighborhoods Studied (*.pdf)