Chapter 4: Vollintine-Evergreen, Memphis

Michael Kirby
Rhodes College


This chapter examines diversity in Vollintine-Evergreen, a historic neighborhood located in the North-Midtown area of Memphis. This neighborhood is a success story and has remained racially diverse for more than 25 years. The chapter describes the racial diversity within the Vollintine-Evergreen community and discusses the reasons why it remains diverse. Explanations include the neighborhood organization's inclusive style, the quality of the housing, the role of neighborhood institutions (such as religious congregations and a college), and the impact of external groups (such as government agencies and foundations). Of these factors, the neighborhood organization has been especially central to the maintenance of diversity. One of the themes that emerges from a review of the organization and neighborhood institutions is that diversity is both a process and an outcome. To maintain its diversity, the community has relied on the participation of its diverse residents.

Chapter 4: Vollintine-Evergreen, Memphis (*.pdf)