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Department of Fine and Performing Arts


Many courses offered by the DFPA count towards Core Curriculum credit in Artistic Knowledge and Experience as well as the area of Engaged Learning

It’s important to note that while many courses are offered every semester, more advanced classes are offered less frequently - often once a year, or even every two years. Rotations are subject to change. Click here to see the Dance course rotation.

If you are a major or minor and are trying to register in a class that is full, contact the DFPA at dfpa@luc.edu to be put on a waiting list. Keep in mind that many DFPA classes have enrollment caps. These caps ensure that our majors and minors, including any declared incoming freshmen, are able to enroll in the classes they need to complete their degree. If you are trying to enroll in order to complete your Core or elective requirements, please check back once all enrollment is complete for any spaces that may be left.

Make sure to check for prerequisites while enrolling. If you have not taken appropriate prerequisites, then do not enroll in the course. The department will remove you from it later, but meanwhile you’ll prevent others from enrolling. See your advisor if your schedule makes it necessary to take courses out of sequence.

Click here to see detailed descriptions of Dance courses.

All students wishing to take a dance course, including incoming dance students with previous experience, are required to attend the Dance Placement session. This orientation involves an audition process and is usually held prior to the start of the semester.

The Dance Placement/Orientation Session for the fall 2017 semester is Friday August 25, 2017 at 10am in Mundelein Center 409. Be prepared to dance and bring your schedule. Dance faculty will ensure correct placement in technique level enrollment.

Course #TitleCredits
DANC 111 Ballet Dance I: Theory and Techniques 2
DANC 121 Modern Dance I: Theories and Techniques 2
DANC 131  Jazz Dance I: Theories and Techniques 2
DANC 212 Ballet Dance II: Theory and Techniques 2
DANC 213 Ballet III: Advanced Continuing Ballet Dance Theory and Techniques 2
DANC 222 Modern Dance II: Theory and Technique 2
DANC 224 Majors Modern II 1
DANC 232 Jazz Dance II: Theories and Techniques 2
DANC 250 Dance History: Renaissance to Present 3
DANC 260 Topics in Dance 2
DANC 261 Topics in Applied Dance 1-2
DANC 270 Dance Kinesiology 3
DANC 280 Adaptive Dance Practices 3
DANC 311 Ballet IV: Intermediate Ballet 2
DANC 312 Pointe I: Introduction to Ballet Pointework 1
DANC 313 Ballet V: Advanced Ballet 2
DANC 314 Pointe II: Continuing Pointework 1
DANC 321 Modern Dance III: Intermediate Modern Dance Theories and Techniques 2
DANC 323 Rehearsal and Performance 1
DANC 324 Intermediate Majors Modern Dance 1
DANC 331 Jazz Dance III: Intermediate Jazz Dance Theories and Techniques 2
DANC 341 Intermediate Majors Ballet 1
DANC 343 Advanced Majors Ballet 1
DANC 360 Dance Pedagogy 3
DANC 370 Dance Composition 3
DANC 380 Senior Showcase Capstone 1
DANC 394 Internship in Dance 1-6
DANC 395 Independent Study 1-6
DANC 397 Fieldwork in Chicago - Dance 1-6
DANC 398 Research in Dance 1-3