Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Major in Dance


The B.A. in Dance requires 37 hours for completion. This major offers conservatory level dance training in ballet within the context of Loyola’s Ignatian liberal arts curriculum.  This major incorporates the most significant element of conservatory training  a daily ballet class.  The Dance major incorporates significant criteria set forward by the National Association for Schools of Dance (NASD) with the intention of achieving accreditation.

In the spirit of our core mission the Loyola University Chicago program of dance wields the potential for transformation in multiple domains. Dance is a holistic practice that encompasses physical, mental, spiritual and social skills. Through the systematic shaping of the muscular, nervous and skeletal system a dancer’s body becomes capable of maximum human kinesthetic potential. Our students learn to embrace intellectual rigor in the art form. They analyze movement from a scientific lens, engage in analysis of significant works and artists and learn to apply vocabulary and principles of stagecraft in performance and rehearsal. Their journey encompasses fine intellectual detail, human fellowship and creative inspiration. From foundation, to application, to synthesis a student develops from a dedicated student to a practicing dance artist.