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Marta Wasko

Title/s: Administrative Assistant

Office #: Mundelein Suite 1200

Phone: 773.508.2820

E-mail: mwasko@luc.edu

External Webpage: http://galeriawasko.com/


Ms. Marta Wasko was born in Poland, and from an early age she was exposed to music, folk arts and carving, the cultural expressions of her people, and the grand landscapes of the northern European forests.

Coming to United States, she studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, following her emerging interest in sculpture. She has worked in wood, stone, bronze, plaster, and a number of other materials, developing various form-based and conceptual themes.

Another interest grew as she studied and learned English - the relative and various meanings of language, and the relationship between the concrete and abstract sense of words. Many new phrases in English fascinated her with their subtext meanings, and she have explored theses connected ideas in her sculpture. This direction continues to attract her. Some of the ideas have been developed as books to be presented as a sculpture. She sees strong contrast/connection between the reassuringly solid representation of sculpture and vagaries of text and language.

It is her desire to unify both form and idea in sculpture. By allowing the impact of language and technology, (with their multiple and discordant affects on our lives,) a significant role in the work, she sees images as emblematic icons of our strange times.

Since 2006 Ms. Wasko has been collaborating with her brother (painter) Chris Wasko, on various projects including Chicago Madonna project for the Chicago History Museum, Judgment for the Polish Museum of America and the Life Riders at Aldo Castillo Gallery. Marta and Chris curate variety of the art exhibitions and host the Wasko Art Salons, promoting talented performers such as poets, writers, actors and dancers.

Ms. Wasko has shown at 2011, Art for Heart, Polish Museum of America, Chicago, IL, 2011, Inter-Mix, The Edge Gallery, IL, 2010 Ten Steps to Happiness, Galeria Wasko, Chicago, IL, 2009 Summer Show, Atrium Art Parlor, Chicago, IL, 2009 Judgment, Polish Museum of America, Chicago, IL, 2008 Secret Lives reveled, Loyola University, Chicago, IL, 2008 Chicago Artist Project, Chicago, IL, 2005,Thomas Masters Gallery, Chicago, IL,  2004,  New Context Gallery, Eyes on Pilsen, Chicago, IL, 2003,  Around Coyote, Fine Arts Building, Chicago, IL, 2002 Stray Show, Chicago, IL.



BFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1999

BBA, Loyola University Chicago, Present



Alpha Sigma Nu (National Jesuit Honorary Society)

Beta Gamma Sigma (National Business Honorary Society)