Loyola University Chicago

Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Visual Communication Major & Minor

Major in Visual Communication

A total of 45 credit hours are required for the major in Visual communication. Requirements include 12 credit hours in foundations, 3 credit hours in art history, 24 hours in applied art including Photography I (FNAR 115), Visual Communication I (FNAR 132),  Drawing II (FNAR 213) or Figure Studio (FNAR 235), Visual Communication II (FNAR 232), Computer Graphics I (FNAR 233), Visual Communication III (FNAR 332), Computer Graphics II (FNAR 333), Visual Communication IV (FNAR 382), Internship I (FNAR 380) and Senior Exhibition Preparation (FNAR 398).

Suggested Course Sequence

Year 1
FNAR 112 Two-Dimensional Design
FNAR 132 Visual Communication I  
FNAR 233 Computer Graphics I
FNAR 113 Drawing I
Year 2
FNAR 190 Color Theory
FNAR 115 Photo I  
FNAR 190 Color Theory
FNAR 232 Visual Communication II   
Portfolio Review at the midpoint of the 15 course requirements.
Year 3
FNAR 332 Visual Communication III
FNAR 333 Computer Graphics II              
FNAR 213 Drawing II or FNAR 235 Figure Studio
FNAR 382 Visual Communication IV
Year 4
FNAR 170 Three-Dimensional Design
FNAR 398 Senior Exhibition

All courses are 3 credit hours‌

Visual Communication Major Tracking Sheet


Visual Communication Minor

A total of 18 credit hours are required for the minor in Visual Communication. Requirements include your choice of Dimensional Design (FNAR 112) or Drawing I (FNAR 113), 3 hours of Art History, and Visual Communication I (FNAR 132), Visual Communication II (FNAR 232), Computer Graphics I (FNAR 233) and Computer Graphics II (FNAR 333).

Visual Communication Minor Tracking Sheet