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About Us

Digital Media Services (DMS) manages and maintains a number of multimedia and digital media computer labs, as well as services, across both the Lake Shore and Water Tower campuses. Our Multimedia and Digital Media Labs feature advanced multimedia workstations and a host of other professional equipment, including an Equipment Loan Program, that we are excited to share with the Loyola community. In addition to lab locations and services, DMS develops, designs and supports a number of web-based applications, including Adobe Connect, Loyola Media, TechConnect and many others.

Open to all current Loyola University Chicago students, faculty, staff and alumni, our labs feature professional staff members and trained students who are dedicated to promoting your success inside and outside the classroom.

Your Loyola ID card serves as your passport to creativity. While you’re active in the Loyola community, our doors are as open as your horizons.

You can bring together your knowledge and your personality in a creative way using multimedia, just like you can bring your classmates together in the Multimedia Labs to work on group projects. Our workstations and printers get everyone on the same page whether you’re presenting plant cell structure or an advertising campaign for footwear.

You have access to powerful digital media equipment in the Digital Media Labs and through the Equipment Loan Program. Use these resources to make unforgettable class presentations or reach out to your friends and family with a weekly podcast or video blog. You can even make that website and cover art for your garage band or that poster for your next concert.

If you’re interested in buying equipment or software for your computer or home studio, see what we have available on loan and try it out, ask the Digital Media Services staff how it works and what makes it tick.

Our labs and staff are available and ready to help shift your line of questioning from "What can I create?" to "What can't I create?" We look forward to pushing your creative envelope and moving you from idea and theory to the development of a pristine final product.

For more information on our labs and staff, we invite you to review our "Getting Started" page which outlines our policies and procedures as well as tips on making the most of your visit to our labs.