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Camcorder Accessories

Birns & Sawyer Clapper Board/Sticks

‌Acrylic engraved slate with inlaid color scale clapper. For use with dry-erase and wet-erase markers.

96-LED VidPro Z-96K Light Kit & Shoe Mount

 The VidPro Professional Photo & Video LED Light Kit provides required illumination for your video footage in any location. It includes a 96 LED Video Light, Adjustable Hot-Shoe / Tripod Mount, 3200K Tungsten Filter, 4200K Soft Diffuser, Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, European Adapter, Battery Charger (110V-240V), Vertical Interlock Accessory, and a Foam Padded Hard Carry Case. With 96 high intensity LEDs, the video light can offer bright illumination by producing a powerful light beam. Using the adjustable stepless dimmer, you can control the brightness in the range of 0-100%. You can select different color temperatures (5600-4200K-3200K) using filters. Featured magnetic mounting system allows quick and secure filter/diffuser usage. Incorporating interlocking housing design, the video light supports creation of stackable multi-unit LED array. The video light supports HD Wide Angle (16:9) and Standard (4:3) signal formats. You can power the video light using 5 AA batteries, 7.2V Li-ion battery (Sony L Series), or an AC power supply.

Sony CS1KASP Camera GPS Unit

 Track your trips with photos and relive the memories with this innovative GPS unit that easily pairs with your compatible camera or camcorder and displays your adventures on Google® maps.

Sony SPK-HCF Handycam Underwater Case

 The Sony SPK-HCF Underwater Camcorder Sports Pack is designed for many Sony 2010 camcorders. The SPK-HCF Sports Pack not only allows you to capture unique marine video footage from depths up to 17' (5m), but it even allows you to record audio with the built-in microphone. The hard plastic housing will protect your camcorder from watery mishaps and bad weather. The SPK-HCF features a mounting shoe and external controls for power, record, zoom and photo capture.

Sony UWP-V6 Wireless Lavalier Microphone Kit

 UWP Series UHF synthesized wireless microphone system. Channels 30 to 33. The UWP-V6 includes extremely robust metal construction, mic/line input selection on the bodypack and plug-on transmitters, a miniature metal body omni-directional lav microphone and plus the receiver includes a convenient auto channel scanning function allowing automatic search for unoccupied channels.

Sony WCS-999 Wireless Lavalier Microphone Kit

 For use with video camcorders, portable audio recorders. Transmission range up to 150 feet, depending on conditions. 900 MHz FM transmission for high-quality sound. Three channels with selector switch for low interference.

Westcott Masterpiece 10×24′ Chroma Key (Greenscreen) Kit

 Westcott Chromakey Backgrounds are widely used in still and video setups in which a background will be digitally added later. Westcott Masterpiece Illuminator Chroma series backgrounds are available in blue or green, or reversible blue-green. -B&H Photo Website This kit includes collapsible stands and clamps to hold up this gigantic 10x24' green sheet. Put your photo & video subjects on the moon, underground, or just about anywhere else you could imagine with this awesome chroma keying kit.

XLR SignVideo Audio Adapter

 Convert your camera to accept professional XLR microphones. Our popular XLR-PRO™ dual XLR adapter lets you feed professional XLR audio to your DV camcorder or any camcorder or DAT recorder that provides an audio 1/8" jack. This lets you use professional XLR microphones, tap into PA systems, and use long run, balanced audio cables, all with complete confidence. This adapter lets you plug XLR microphones into a 1/8" jack. This is great for when your video project calls for a small camera, but quality audio. It mounts conveniently between the camera and the tripod, and includes on-board sound mixing controls. We've got two from SignVideo and one from Canon, but no worries, they do the exact same thing.


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