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After Your Loan

Change - Late Arrival for Pick-Up
The grace period for picking up equipment that is reserved was increased from forty-five (45) minutes to sixty (60) minutes.

Addition - Multiple Equipment Items
This policy was added to provide the greatest availability to all students, faculty and staff that utilize the Equipment Loan Program.

Move - Short-Term Loan Equipment
To accommodate the addition of Short-Term Loan Equipment reservations was moved to

Change - 2.3.3. Training and Certification Requirements
The length of training certifications was defined as one academic year. Certifications must be renewed beginning on August 1 of each calendar year.

Change - 2.4.1. Circulation Time Limits
Short-Term Loan laptops are no longer restricted to remain in the Information Commons or Corboy Law Center; however, they are still due back within 3 hours to their original circulating location.

Change - Review of the Contract
The information in this policy was updated to reflect our new contract layout that encourages a discussion between the DMS staff member and the client.

Addition - 2.4.3. Loan Exceptions and Limits
For clarification, this policy was added to refer to 2.1.1. for Accessing the Program.

Change - Equipment Usage
An example scenario for equipment usage limits was updated. Headphones and laptop locks are now in our Long-Term Loan offerings.

Addition - 2.5.1. - Notification for Unreturned Equipment
Equipment that is returned after a replacement purchase has been initiated by Digital Media Services will not result in a refund of the associated charges. Returning equipment that is greater than five (5) days overdue, will result in a follow-up notification to the academic department, unit, Campus Safety, Chicago Police Department and/or the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution regarding the change in equipment status.

Clarification - 2.6.1. Damage to Equipment
All previous damage or operational issues must have been previously documented on the contract. Damage or operational problems with equipment must be documented and submitted with a photograph of the damage at check-in.

Clarification - Equipment Returned by Another Individual
If equipment is returned by another individual and not the original borrower, the return date/time which includes overdue charges, will be assumed by the original borrower.

Change - 2.7. After an Equipment Loan
The 9 minute grace period has been increased to 15 minutes to account for increased time to review equipment loan returns. A 15-minute grace period is provided on each equipment loan to facilitate the return of your equipment; however, after the initial 15-minute grace period expires, all fees are determined based on the original due date and time, not on the time only after the grace period.

Digital Media Services reviews the Equipment Loan Policies and Procedures on a semester basis. In order to provide transparency regarding the changes, the change log above details the individual changes to the contract.


Items that are returned after their assigned time will result in the client receiving an overdue fine for the number of minutes the equipment is late. A 15-minute grace period is provided on each equipment loan to facilitate the return of your equipment; however, after the initial 15-minute grace period expires, all fees are determined based on the original due date and time, not on the time only after the grace period. Please note that there are no maximum fine amounts for overdue equipment.


Fines and/or fees must be paid within 15 days of notice in the DML using one of the detailed methods below:

Online with a Credit Card

In-Person Using Rambler Bucks

Using Loyola University Chicago's EPay system a client can pay their fine or fee using their credit card from home. Visit 
http://luc.edu/digitalmedia/payments for more information and to pay a fine/fee.

Digital Media Services does not accept cash or credit cards as a form of payment for fines, fees or any other service. To add Rambler Bucks to a client’s account, visit Campus Card http://luc.edu/campuscard.

After 15 days, any account balances of $25 or greater will be forwarded to the Bursar's Office for posting to a client’s account. Account balances less than $25 will remain on their Digital Media Services account and prevent future loans of equipment until paid. A fine may not be paid using a University account code or internal transfer. 


Due to billing restrictions and the end of the semester, any fines received during the following range of dates will be subject to the following restrictions: 

Any Fines Received...

Will Be Due No Later Than...

Until April 24th, 2016

15 Days from the Date of the Fine Notice

On or after April 24th, 2016

5:00pm on May 9th, 2016

Any fines incurred prior to August 23rd, 2009, must be paid within 30 days of notice in the DML using Rambler Bucks. Any unpaid fines will be assessed a minimum amount of $25 to be posted to a client’s account - which may impact registration. This means that if their fine is below $25 and is not paid within 30 days, it will be increased to $25 prior to being submitted to the Bursars Office. All fines over $25 will remain at their current value and will be forwarded to the Bursars Office in the same process described above.


Fines assessed to a client may not be reassigned or transferred to another client. Fines incurred by a client may; however, be paid by anyone, regardless of affiliation, as long as the fine(s) have not be transferred to the Bursar’s Office or exceeded the fifteen (15) day limit.