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Click here for instructions on using our reservation system.‌

The DMS team is excited to share with you the new, exciting features and opportunities that are available within the system:

  • Reserve multiple pieces of equipment, in a single reservation - similar to a shopping cart.
  • Set your own reservation lengths, up to the maximum identified, making additional equipment available for other clients when you only need an item for a short period of time.
  • Cancel reservations prior to pickup, rather than up to 30 minutes prior to loan. Staff (Digital Media Services student workers and employees) will have override capabilities to cancel when the wrong equipment was accidentally reserved. 
  • Select a kit of equipment and have the items automatically added to your reservation, rather than selecting each individual item. 
  • Fine notifications are available within 15 minutes, rather than the delay of up to 48 hours that results from manual processing. 
  • Regular notifications for the following interactions with Digital Media Services:
    • Reminder to pick-up reserved equipment from a Digital Media Services location;
    • Equipment is due for return to a Digital Media Services location;
    • Reminder when equipment is past due;
    • A charge, including a fine, or payment is made against your account;
    • Equipment is loaned against your account;
    • Equipment is returned against your account; and
    • Changes made to a reservation, either by a staff member, or that you approved.