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Women of Color Journal

LUCES is pleased to introduce Recentering Loyola, the first publication of literature and arts journal for women of color by women of color. Please submit a piece of work that captures what recenters you as a woman of color. The journal will provide a space for intentional sharing outside of the classroom and traditional community building arenas. The journal will include articles, essays, poetry, art, and photography. Recentering Loyola is a multi-generational collaborative effort. The publication is open to all self-identified women. This includes cis-sexual, cis-gender, transgender, and masculine of center (MOC) womyn of color regardless of gender presentation or sexual orientation.

The submission deadline for all pieces of work is Friday, February 14, 2014 by 11:59pm. For more information on the guidelines for submission or to submit an entry, please visit https://orgsync.com/73887/forms/93189.  Please click on the following links to view the rubrics for submissions: Rubric - Article; ; Rubric - Essay; Rubric - Photography; and Rubric - Poetry.

Recentering Loyola: Literature and Arts for Womyn of Color by Womyn of Color

Below are quotes from the committee regarding the theme of this year's journal.

"Recentering is an opportunity to promote awareness of our centralized importance to the many communities we engage with and continue to build.”-Shay Collins

“As a women of color, this is vital because when I recenter myself, I am able to step back and dismiss what society deems as the “beautiful acceptable woman” and I embrace Ruth Etrenne” -Ruth Etrenne

“This journal will become a space where women can take the time to recenter on their experience at Loyola and share their voice, with no explanation or apologies. My biggest hope is for Recentering Loyola to push the boundaries of scholarly expression.” - Paige Gardner

“Recentering means stopping all that we as women of color feel needs to come before us and taking the time to breathe and dig deep into ourselves. Recentering calls us to embrace our unique highs and lows, and as women of color to bond in those experiences and moments.”-Antoinette Isama

“Recentering means acknowledging that conversations about the broader category of ‘woman’ do not always account for ‘women of color’ and other aspects of social identity that intersect with gender and race/ethnicity.” - Kristin McCann

“Recentering means redefining who and what about women of color is being represented and then bringing this information to the center of our focus.”-Rachel Patterson

“Recentering bears a potentiality, a ghostly promise of change. It acknowledges the need for redefinition in our dominant social and political spheres.” -Josephine Wang


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