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‌‌The Men’s Project is a leadership initiative aiming to redefine masculinity and what it means to be a man in an effort to confront structures of power and privilege. Throughout a 10-week curriculum, the cohort of men will address masculinity on a personal level, learn necessary skills to dismantle systemic structures of gender-based violence, and join a network of alumni committed to offering support in engaging the global community.

This is a 3hr/wk commitment for 12 consecutive weeks.

Two Pillars

Enlightenment:  Once a week the men will meet to share, reflect, and discuss the “male experience.” This creates a safe space for men to share personal testimonies as well as explore the intersectionality of identities at Loyola and in his community.

Enrichment:  The men will gain a holistic perspective of masculinity and how it relates to various social issues within society. Given this, the men will develop bystander intervention skills and contribute to service initiatives aimed at promoting non-violence on all levels.


Create positive and sustainable change at Loyola and the greater community by empowering men to understand male privilege, redefine masculinity, and advocate against gender-based violence.


Empower men to be active agents of change striving to understand their privilege and dismantle systemic structures of gender-based violence and all forms of oppression through collaborative understanding and action.

Questions or concerns? Please contact Joe Saucedo at jsaucedo4@luc.edu