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"Standing still is never an option so long as inequities remain embedded in the very fabric of our culture" - Tim Wise

R.A.W.'s Purpose:

The purpose of R.A.W. is to create a closed space on campus for self-identified White students to engage in dialogue about their own racial identity. Through a series of six workshops, students who self-identify as White will delve into conversation, activities and reflection on what it means to be White. Aimed to further understanding, development, and competence, R.A.W. will allow White students to begin the journey of operating in solidarity with others and their privilege. 

R.A.W. is an affinity group for White students who have passion for ending racism, who have anger and confusion about institutional racism, who have guilt and hope about internalized racism, and who have questions about race that they are afraid to ask. It is a place for White identified individuals to examine what it means to be White, to critically reflect on themselves and their actions, and to work to identify and confront racism in schools, in society, and at Loyola University Chicago.