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R.A.W. Guides

R.A.W. is comprised of a professional committee, where selected staff and graduate students work to develop the curriculum for R.A.W. participants. The Committee members who lead the workshops are identified as R.A.W Guides who work with each cohort of students to create brave spaces for students to engage in meaningful dialogue. We use the terminology 'guide' , as opposed to 'facilitator' to further emphasize that this is a space for free exchange of ideas, thoughts, feelings and opinions.  

Naseeb Bhangal, SDMA Supervisor for R.A.W.

Naseeb currently serves as the Program Coordinator for Women of Color Initiatives and Community Outreach for SDMA. She meets regularly with the committee providing intentional support and guidance to R.A.W Committee members. "SDMA is proud to offer a brave space for self-identifying White students to explore their identities as it relates to race. Joining this space will spark courageous conversations and inspire others to take action and create change".

Naseeb Bhangal R.A.W.

Kathleen Dillon, Staff R.A.W. Guide

Kathleen is the Academic Counselor for the Achieving College Excellence program here on campus, a TRiO program that serves first-generation and low-income college students, as well as students with documented disabilities. In this role, Kathleen not only advises students academically but also aids in financial literacy, graduate school selection and preparation, and career counseling. Most importantly, Kathleen is an advocate for the ACE Scholars, reaching out to individuals across campus and the community on their behalf.

As the counselor for a program primarily filled with first-generation and low-income students, many of whom are students of color, Kathleen felt it was her responsibility to be as culturally competent and sensitive as possible. Kathleen wants to show her students that endeavoring to be more empathetic should be a daily practice. Kathleen also wants to be an example for white-identifying students here on campus. Kathleen wants to help guide them through difficult conversations on power and privilege, knowing that for lower income, first-generation white students, it’s hard to grapple with the notion that they have any privilege. 


Martin Finnie, Staff R.A.W. Guide

Martin earned his bachelors in Business Administration-Management from UNC-Charlotte. Martin is currently pursuing a Masters in the School of Education here at Loyola. Martin joined Student Transitions and Outreach in the early summer of 2014 but has been at Loyola since July of 2013, and has lived in Chicago since 2005.  As a 7 year resident of Rogers Park, Martin enjoys the community feel that the students, faculty and staff add to the area, and Martin encourage its growth because he believes there is plenty of room for more integration between Loyola and its surrounding neighborhoods. 

Martin’s interest in working with students through R.A.W. is one based on a reflection of his own development in understanding whiteness.  Having observed how race plays a role in everyday life but being slowly and informally educated on how his whiteness impacts others, Martin looks forward to meeting students where they are in their understanding and offering opportunities to further their exploration.  Martin is hopeful that he can provide a comfortable and steady relationship for students who are interested in exploring their whiteness.  


Chris Hardin, Staff R.A.W. Guide

Chris Hardin is a Resident Director in Simpson Hall. Chris is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. Chris completed his undergraduate degree in Sociology and Political Science from the University of Central Missouri and his Master’s in College Student Affairs from Eastern Illinois University. Chris is a huge sports fan (St. Louis Cardinals, Blues, and the Oklahoma City Thunder) and avid video game player. Chris is joining R.A.W. this year due to the impact identity development and reflection has had in his life as a student, particularly putting words to the experiences he has had as a white male identifying individual in the United States. Chris hopes to provide this same impact over the course of the year to the R.A.W. student participants as they further look at white identity.


J. Curtis Main, Staff R.A.W. Guide

Loyola and Chicago are inseparable for Curtis; in 2010 they road tripped here from NC to start their first master’s degree at Loyola and have been a happy Rambler since.  Beyond, yes, a love of sweet tea, fishing, grits, y’all, and being called “sweetie pie” for no good reason, Curtis is a big believer in justice as a way of life worth pursuing for all.  At Loyola, Curtis serves as Student Development’s Web Content Developer in addition to graphic design.  Currently, Curtis is finishing their second Loyola masters in Computer Science, because what else goes better with Women’s Studies!? 

Curtis joined RAW to both learn from and inform others about moving toward racial/ethnic inclusion and equity, and looks forward to also sharing unique perspectives from the misunderstood and often scapegoated U.S. South.


Chelsea Metivier, R.A.W. Graduate Intern & Guide

Chelsea graduated with her B.A. from the University of Richmond and is now a second year Master’s student in Higher Education Student Affairs at Loyola University Chicago. Currently, she serves as an Assistant Resident Director for Loyola’s Department of Residence Life, and as the graduate intern for R.A.W., and at the Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy. Chelsea joined R.A.W. to accompany students on their journey to understanding their white identity as well as an opportunity for her to further understand and recognize her white privilege. Chelsea was not engaged in such dialogue as an undergraduate student, but recognizes the importance of such a space on an undergraduate campus. She looks forward to learning alongside R.A.W. participants as they courageously dissect their white privilege and grow in their understanding of systemic racism. 


Janine Myers, Staff R.A.W. Guide

Originally from Ohio, Janine is a Midwesterner at heart.  Having completed her undergraduate degree in English at The Ohio State University and her graduate degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs at Indiana University, she currently serves as a Coordinator for Sorority & Fraternity Life in Student Activities & Greek Affairs here at LUC.  Always seeking of meaningful connection, Janine joined RAW to engage with white identified students wherever they are in their journey.  Janine recognizes the power held in shared, vulnerable spaces and wants to have a hand in creating that for RAW participants.


Adam Roberts, Student Guide & Former Participant

Adam is a junior Communities and Sociology student from Bedford, Indiana. He is enthusiastic about his home state of Indiana, Chicago politics, and being outdoors with friends and family. Adam is excited to work with other students from across campus together to build the best network of opportunities and engage in meaningful and impactful conversations. Though RAW, he hopes to connect with individuals in a vulnerable community space and learn together through discussion. 


Stephanie Sferra, Staff R.A.W. Guide

Stephanie serves as an Academic Advisor in First and Second Year Advising. In this role she works with many students one on one during their academic and personal journeys through college. She also teaches UNIV 101, works with the Peer Advisor program, and serves as an Academic Advisor for the Interdisciplinary Honors Program. Stephanie grew up in Toledo, Ohio and graduated from Denison University with a degree in Psychology. She is also a graduate of Loyola University Chicago’s Higher Education M.Ed program. During her formal education, Stephanie learned about power and privilege and was given the great gift of time to explore her social identities, including her whiteness. Stephanie was driven to join RAW this year to continue her self-education and to provide time, space, and resources to students who would like to advance their understanding of whiteness and develop into allies.