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Note: If you were a former STARS Mentor from prior to 2000, please let us know so we can update our records. Email us at diversity@luc.edu with your name and the year(s) you served.)

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2012-2013 STARS Mentors

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Angee Serwin J.D. Robles Nia Lewis Syed Kamran
Aravind Jagadeesan Kassandra Hale Prachi Shah Vincent Nguyen
Camille Dy Kristen Surla Preksha Maiya  
Jefferson Uriarte Lauren Adams Sotonye Hart  

Angee Serwin

Sophomore Psychology and Criminal Justice, with Biology minor

Hey everyone! Through STARS, I have developed a great passion for serving others in the Rogers Park community, as well as promoting social justice everywhere I go. I love to swim, play water polo, and watch A LOT of movies (especially Disney ones). I am not sure what kind of a career I want to pursue, but I do know that I want to be happy with whatever I decide to do. I chose to serve as a STARS Mentor because I want freshmen to know that there is someone always there that cares, supports, and wants to make their first year as manageable and great as possible. :)

Aravind Jagadeesan

Junior | Biophysics (Pre-Medicine), with Neuroscience minor

My interests in human mind and body led me to become a pre-med biophysics major with a minor in neuroscience. Outside of classes, I enjoy reading, watching movies, and spending time with my family. I also try to be physically active in one form or the other (basketball, football, MMA). I am always looking for ways to gain new experiences and perspectives, which is part of why I chose to become a STARS Mentor! I look forward to sharing my insight and watching my mentees succeed, and I hope to learn from them myself!

Camille Dy

Senior | Anthropology and International Studies

STARS guided me through self-discovery during my first year at Loyola. The program enhanced my whole university experience, and it inspired me to become a mentor myself. I find joy and fulfillment in my position. After Loyola, I hope to become involved in graduate coursework abroad or in international business. Some of my interests are music, food, dance, fashion, languages of all kinds, poetry, and Southeast Asia.

Jefferson Uriarte

Junior | Psychology and International Studies

Hey everyone! Through the STARS Program I was able to find the support system that I needed in order to make a smooth transition from high school into college. I have developed many life-long friendships and have found a family here on campus. I am proud to be returning for a second year as a STARS Mentor, and I intend to provide aid and support to any first year student that may need help adjusting to college life. In my spare time, I love playing my guitar and listening to music. I also enjoy watching movies, spending time with friends, and playing soccer. 

J.D. Robles

Sophomore Biology, with Asian Language and Literature Minor

My name is Juan Robles, but everyone on campus calls me J.D. My future goal is to go to medical school and to one day become an Oncologist. I am very active with the American Cancer Society and I am interested in the Chinese culture. I also enjoy practicing the guitar, reading books, and bonding with friends and family. I decided to become a STARS Mentor because I wanted to provide guidance and support towards first generation students and help guide them with their transition into college.

Kassandra Hale

Sophomore Environmental Science

Hey everybody! My name is Kassandra and I am an avid environmentalist. I chose to be a STARS mentor because I am very moved by social justice issues and leadership. Since joining I have been able to expand my knowledge about diversity all the while embracing my multi-racial background. I am interested in pursuing environmental advocacy so I can promote both environmental sustainability AND social justice. In my spare time I enjoy reading, dancing, and being outdoors.

Kristen Surla

Senior | English & Sociology, with Women & Gender Studies minor

This year will be my 4th year in the STARS Program. I am returning as a STARS Mentor because of the close relationships and meaningful experiences I’ve received from this program. I attribute a lot of my success at Loyola to my start in STARS. You can catch me on campus doing research and as the President of the Council of Pan Asian Americans (COPAA). Outside of the classroom, I enjoy writing essays, speeches, and spoken word as a form of self-expression and meaningful reflection.

Lauren Adams

Sophomore Forensic Science 

Hello! I am a sophomore that is eager to be a STARS Mentor! I enjoy going to museums and art galleries. The medium of art that I take most pleasure in is photography. From time to time I shoot and it is very relaxing. As a freshman, my life was considerably impacted by the STARS program. After reflecting on how much STARS helped me I decided to serve as a STARS Mentor. In 2015, when my time at Loyola expires, I hope to have been instrumental in the first-year experience of many students. I plan to leave Loyola with incredible experiences along with a BS in Forensic Science. Thereafter I hope to be a DNA analyst in a lab.

Nia Lewis

Senior | Political Science and International Studies 

Having a strong sense of community is extremely important to me and it has been a blessing to have found that in STARS. It has offered me the much needed support in my own identity development and understanding of social justice. As a rising senior I'm open to the universe and its possibilities of what is to come next. I hope that my life will be an example of service to others.  Regardless of how this is shown you will be sure to find me smiling all the way.

Prachi Shah

Junior | Biochemistry and Psychology (Pre-Medicine)

My experiences as a STARS Mentee and Mentor have driven me to be a mentor again this year. STARS has pushed me to look past my comfort zone and has allowed me to develop a greater interest in diversity and social justice. I have made some of my best friends through this program and developed a sense of family. I want to share these experiences with freshman and help them succeed like STARS has done for me. I am looking into medical school in the future. My favorite activities include spending time with family and friends, dancing, running, and watching basketball.

Preksha Maiya

Junior Biochemistry (Pre-Medicine)

Greetings! I love expressing myself creatively, am an avid movie-watcher, enjoy trying new foods, and value a good conversation. I chose to be a STARS mentor because I enjoy getting to know people and want to help incoming freshman out with making the most of their college experience from utilizing the plethora of resources Loyola offers to taking advantage of the unique urban environment.

Sotonye Hart

Junior Psychology and Human Services

Hey everyone! In my spare time, I love to travel, cook, go shopping, exercise and spend time with people I love. I have two future goals: to help unprivileged children suffering in our world, and to become an advocate for change. I chose to become a mentor because the program is rooted in values that will transform you. As well as personal development, STARS opens you to abundant opportunities and resources at Loyola, and invites you to become part of a unique community that will guide and support you through the nerve-racking, yet exciting first year of college.

Syed Kamran

Sophomore Biology and Sociology, with Asian Studies minor

Hey everyone! I plan to hopefully go on to medical school and become a surgeon (that’s a long ways away though!) I am a huge football and basketball fan and am on the new football team here at Loyola. I also love running and learning to play the guitar. I chose to be a STARS Mentor because I think it’s a great way to help incoming freshmen meet new people and to adjust themselves into the college life. You get to make amazing friends and also take full advantage of your first year at Loyola!

Vincent Nguyen

Senior International Studies and Political Science, with Sociology and Women & Gender Studies minors

I'm originally from Dallas, Texas. I really enjoy going running by the lake, trying various food recipes, and taking photographs. I think everybody should be educated (so they can eventually educate others) about systemic problems in our society, like racism, sexism, and homophobia. Ideally, a future job would include lots of travel but I'm not entirely positive about just what the career would be. I chose to serve as a STARS Mentor because I believe it helps incoming first years adjust to college while fully embracing diversity and ideas of social justice.


2011-2012 STARS Mentors

Aravind Jagadeesan Javier Maldonado Min Ji Kim Reama Malki
Camille Dy Jefferson Uriarte Nia Lewis Sabrina Wottreng
Iliana Alvarenga Kristen Surla Prachi Shah Yvette Ssempijja
Jack Nguyen      

2010-2011 STARS Mentors

Camille Dy Kristen Surla Olubukola Olukanni Vincent Nguyen
Ilana Morgan-Lopez Maria Melecio Rajelin Escondo Wendolyn Gomez
Jack Lofgren IV Min Ji Kim Reama Malki Yvette Ssempijja
Jack Nguyen Nicole Cotto    

2009-2010 STARS Mentors

Eric Dean Jack Nguyen Nicole Cotto Puja Patel
Ilana Morgan-Lopez Maria Melecio Olubukola Olukanni Rajelin Escondo
Jack Lofgren IV Meha Patel Paula Bui Wendolyn Gomez

2008-2009 STARS Mentors

Basma Javaid Eric Dean Maria Melecio Puja Patel
Bree Hood Glenance Green Meha Patel Roshni Shah
Candace Moore Jack Lofgren IV Mona Patel Vanessa Archil

2007-2008 STARS Mentors

Anup Alexander DiAngelo Negrete Niyati Parikh Vanessa Archil
Bree Hood Evelyn Buehler Reshma Zachariah Vrati Bagia
Candace Moore Marisela Watanabe Tiffany Minyo William Ngu

2006-2007 STARS Mentors

Anup Alexander Evelyn Buehler Reshma Zachariah Vrati Bagia
Candace Moore Hamlet Gonzalez Susan Lee William Ngu
Cristina Flores Janneth Herrera Tiffany Minyo Yumin Li

2005-2006 STARS Mentors

Angela Johnson Evelyn Buehler Liseth Chavez Seidy Capuchines
Christian Gauna Ira Madison Nailah Cash-O'Bannon Taria Abram 
Cristina Flores Kathleen Foley Ryan Williams Vrati Bagia

2004-2005 STARS Mentors

Alessandria Namdari-Zandi Christian Gauna Kathleen Foley Nisha Baxi
Angela Johnson Jacob Chacko Kia Williamson Salua Baida 
Bianca Suarez Jose Lujan Michelle Velasquez Seidy Capuchines

2003-2004 STARS Mentors

Alessandria Namdari-Zandi Angela Johnson Jessica Guitron Seidy Capuchines
Amber Afshar Carlos Alicea Michelle Velasquez Veronica Saucedo
Andrew Novero Christian Gauna Pamela Bonsu  

2002-2003 STARS Mentors

Amy Georgevich Jenny Mei Nakima Clark Tamron Maggitt
Andrew Novero Jessica Guitron Preeti Jhawar Vennessa Olivo
Bindhu Vijayan Justin Anderson Sandra Carmona Violette Hawkins

2001-2002 STARS Mentors

Amy Georgevich Emmem Ekorikoh Nicholas Holton Sarah Yousef
Andrea Pacheco Ivan Estaquio Roderick de la Cruz Tamron Maggitt
Bindhu Vijayan Jessica Prater Sandra Carmona Violette Hawkins
Carlos Irizarry      

2000-2001 STARS Mentors

Amy Georgevich Ivan Estaquio Nicholas Holton Sarah Yousef
Cynthia Ann Laurel Jessica Prater Priscila Segura Scherie Gaitor
Eduardo Soto Katya Tapia Roderick de la Cruz Violette Hawkins
Emmem Ekorikoh Melissa Martinez