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Resources for Undocumented Students

“Our universities should again be institutions where hard work is rewarded without regard to the personal status of our students.”

--President Garanzini, Loyola University Chicago


Resources for Undocumented Students

Welcome! The commitment of Loyola University Chicago (LUC) is ultimately the service of faith and the promotion of justice. “Our Ignatian heritage is the living legacy of Saint Ignatius Loyola. It is a rich heritage of faith, seeking God in everyday life; a profound commitment to the poor and to issues of social responsibility and justice. Ignatius believed that it is imperative to act upon what is learned–to use our values in service to humanity because we are called to make a difference as persons for others.”

To read more about LUC’s Mission & Identity, please visit the LUC Mission & Identity page as well as the Loyola Promise page.

 You can also read about the Statement in support of the DREAM Act written and signed by six of Illinois' University Presidents including Loyola's President Garanzini here: Illinois University Presidents' Statement in Support of DREAM Act.

In addition, to read Philip Hale's (LUC's Vice President for Government Affairs) statement in support of the DREAM Act please read STATEMENT OF Philip Hale Vice President for Government Affairs

Take a look at the timeline below for a snapshot of the initiatives and involvement that LUC has been a part of.


 Navigating Information On Our Site
As we live out the legacy of Saint Ignatius Loyola, we are committed to providing accurate information and resources for current and prospective undocumented students, their families, and allies.  This page holds information regarding undocumented students’ access to higher education, safe spaces, enrollment at LUC and more. To navigate this page please click on the menu items to find resources, contacts, and answers to your questions.


Confidentiality and Privacy

National DREAM Act (Plyler vs. Doe)

The Illinois DREAM Act      

Deferred Action

Immigrant Students National Position Paper on Undocumented Students  

Admissions and Application Fee 

Tuition and Scholarships         


On-Campus, External, and Online Resources

Resource Handbooks and Guides       

LUC Committed Allies


Thank you to the following individuals and organizations who helped make this website possible: Maria Guzman, Senior Researcher, Center for Urban Research and Learning; Enlace; University of Illinois Chicago; United We Dream, and Dream Activist.

For more information about support for undocumented students please contact the Department of Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs


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