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Faculty and Staff Directory

Brown, Steven D.

Title/s: Professor; Program Chair

Specialty Area: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Community Counseling, Counseling Psychology, School Counseling

Office #: Lewis Towers 1058, WTC

Phone: 312.915.6311

E-mail: sbrown@luc.edu

CV Link: Brown CV


Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

Program Areas

  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Community Counseling
  • Counseling Psychology
  • School Counseling

Research Interests

  • Vocational Psychology
  • Applied Psychological Measurement

All of my research is aimed at a primary goal of promoting occupational and educational choices among diverse persons. I developed (along with Drs. Robert W. Lent and Gail Hackett) Social Cognitive Career Theory—a theory developed to explain and predict how people develop educational and occupational interests, make educational and occupational choices, and achieve success and satisfaction in school and the work-place. Much of my current research is devoted to continued research on this theory, especially as it pertains to explaining interest, entry into, and success in STEM careers and to promoting vocational hope among adolescents. My students and I will be starting in the fall of 2012 to launch research on understanding and promoting vocational hope from a social cognitive perspective.

I am also interested in international applications of vocational psychology and have worked collaboratively with scholars from Italy, Iceland, France, and Switzerland to study whether measures of career indecision have the same meaning and measure the same constructs in diverse international cultures. We are currently finishing the first few studies in this research project, but will continue more international collaborations in the future, especially in trying to gain a cross-national understanding of the vocational hope construct.

Professional & Community Affiliations

  • American Psychological Association
    - Division 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology)
    - Division 5 (Society of Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics)
  • Association for Psychological Sciences
  • International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance
  • American Counseling Association
  • National Career Development Association
  • Editorial Board of Career Development Quarterly, Journal of Career Assessment, Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology

Courses Taught

  • CPSY 424 Career Development and Counseling
  • CPSY 425 Assessment in Counseling
  • CPSY 435 Introduction to Community Counseling
  • CPSY 450 Research in Counseling
  • RMTD 430 Psychological Measurement


  • Loyola University Chicago, School of Education Fr. Walter P. Krolikowski, SJ Endowed Chair, 2015
  • Leona Tyler Award for Life-Time Contributions to Counseling Psychology, Society of Counseling Psychology, American Psychological Association, 2013
  • Loyola University Chicago, School of Education Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence in Research, 2012
  • Distinguished Contributions Award, Society of Vocational Psychology of the Society of Counseling Psychology, American Psychological Association, 2010
  • Fellow, Association for Psychological Sciences 
  • John L. Holland Award for Outstanding Contributions to Career and Personality Research, Society of Counseling Psychology, American Psychological Association
  • Best Science Award, Society of Counseling Psychology, American Psychological Association 

Selected Publications


  • Brown, S. D. & Lent, R. W.  (Eds.) (2008).  Handbook of Counseling Psychology (4th ed.).  New York:  Wiley.
  • Brown, S. D. & Lent, R. W. (Eds.) (2013).  Career Development and Counseling:  Putting Theory and Research to Work (2nd ed.).  New York:  Wiley

Selected Recent Articles and Chapters:

  • Abrams, M. D, Lee, I. H., Brown, S. D., & Carr, A. (2015).  The Career Indecision Profile: Measurement equivalence in the U. S. and South Korea.  Journal of Career Assessment, 23,225-235.
  • Brown, S. D. (2015).  On statistical wizardry, construction proliferation, and other challenges for our science.  The Counseling Psychologist, 43, 614-628.
  • Brown, S. D. & Lent, R. W. (2015).  Social Cognitive Career Theory:  A theory of self (efficacy) in context.  In F. Guay, D. M. McInerney, R. Craven, & H. W. Marsh (Eds), Self-concept, motivation, and identity:  Underpinning success with research and Practice (pp. 173-200).  Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
  • Brown, S. D. (2014).  Career intervention efficacy:  Making a difference in people’s lives.  In P. J. Hartung, M. L. Savickas, & W. B. Walsh (Eds.), APA Handbook of Career Interventions:  Foundations (Vol. 1, pp. 61-77).  Washington, D. C.:  American Psychological Association.
  • Lent, R. W. & Brown, S. D. (2013).  A social cognitive model of career self-management: Toward a unifying theory of adaptive career behavior across the life span.  Journal of Counseling Psychology, 60, 557 – 568.