Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

Faculty and Staff Directory

Davin, Kristin J.

Title/s: Assistant Professor

Specialty Area: Foreign Language Education, Second Language Education

Office #: Lewis Towers 1120, WTC

Phone: 312.915.6104

E-mail: kdavin@luc.edu

CV Link: Davin CV


Kristin Davin is Assistant Professor of Foreign and Second Language Education at Loyola University Chicago. Her research focuses on foreign language teacher preparation, proficiency assessment, and sociocultural approaches to instruction and assessment. She has won two Research Priorities grants (2013 and 2014) from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Her research has recently appeared in Foreign Language Annals, Modern Language Journal, Language and Sociocultural Theory, TESOL Journal, and Language Teaching Research.


  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Program Areas

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Foreign Language Teacher Preparation
  • English Language Teaching & Learning
  • Administration and Supervision

Research Interests

  • Teacher Preparation
  • Second Language Proficiency Assessment
  • Dynamic Assessment

Professional & Community Affiliations

  • American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL)
  • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
  • Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ICTFL)
  • National Network for Early Language Learning (NNELL)

Courses Taught

  • TLSC 300 Professional Learning Communities, Foreign Language
    TLSC 340 Teaching and Learning in an Area of Specialization, Foreign Language
  • TLSC 350 Teaching and Learning with a Global Framework, Foreign Language
  • CIEP 474 Assessing Bilingual Learners
  • CIEP 473 Instructional Leadership for Multicultural Schools


  • Faculty Summer Research Fellowship Loyola University Chicago (2015)
  • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Phase III, Research Priority Grant (2014-2015)
  • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Phase II, Research Priority Grant (2013-2014)
  • Faculty Summer Research Fellowship Loyola University Chicago (2013)

Selected Publications

  • Davin, K.J. (accepted). Classroom dynamic assessment: A critical examination of constructs and practices. Modern Language Journal.
  • Davin, K.J., Herazo, J.D., & Sagre, A.M. (in press). Learning to mediate: Teacher appropriation of dynamic assessment. Language Teaching Research.
  • Davin, K.J., & Heineke, A.J. (in press). Preparing teachers for language assessment: A practice- based approach. TESOL Journal.
  • Toth, P. D. and Davin, K.J. (2016). The sociocognitive imperative of L2 pedagogy. Modern Language Journal, 100(S1), 148-168.
  • Davin, K.J., & Troyan, F.J. (2015). Teacher candidates’ implementation of high leverage teaching practices: From the university classroom to the field site. Foreign Language Annals, 48(1), 124-142.
  • Davin, K.J., Rempert, T.A., & Hammerand, A.A. (2014). Converting data to knowledge: One district’s experience using large-scale proficiency assessment. Foreign Language Annals, 47(2), 241-260.
  • Troyan, F., Davin, K.J., & Donato, R. (2013). Integration of the practice-based approach into teacher preparation programs: A work in progress. Canadian Modern Language Review, 69(2), 154-180.
  • Davin, K.J., & Donato, R. (2013). Student collaboration and teacher‚Äźdirected classroom dynamic assessment: A complementary pairing. Foreign Language Annals, 46(1), 5-22.
  • Davin, K.J. (2013). Integration of dynamic assessment and instructional conversations to promote development and improve assessment in the language classroom. Language Teaching Research. 17(3), 303-322.
  • Davin, K.J., Troyan, F., Donato, R., & Hellmann, A. (2011). Research on the implementation of the IPA in an elementary Spanish program. Foreign Language Annals, 44(4), 605-625.