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Course Offerings and Syllabi: CIEP

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CIEP MU1.   Student Teaching (Undergraduate Level): Special Education

CIEP MU3.   Student Teaching (Undergraduate Level): Early Childhood Education

CIEP MU5.   Student Teaching (Undergraduate Level): Elementary School

CIEP MU6.   Student Teaching (Undergraduate Level): Secondary School 

CIEP M13.   Techniques of Teaching in Secondary Schools

CIEP M14.   Principles of Instruction: Secondary

CIEP M23.   Introduction to Teaching and General Elementary Methods

CIEP M30.   Assessment and Supports

CIEP M31.   Behavior Intervention: Assessment and Support

CIEP M32.   Exceptional Learner II

CIEP M33.   Accessing and Adapting the General Education Curriculum

CIEP M34.   Family, Community and School-Based Consultation

CIEP M35.   Methods of Instruction: Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers

CIEP M36.  Methods of Teaching K-3: Social Studies

CIEP M37.  Methods of Teaching K-3: Math and Science

CIEP M38.  Instructional Methods for K-3: Reading and Literacy

CIEP M43.  Inclusive Instructional Methods for Preschoolers

CIEP M44. Inclusive Instructional Methods for K-3

CIEP M48.   Art in the Elementary School

CIEP M55.   Teaching of Reading in the Secondary School

CIEP M60.   Secondary Methods: Social Studies

CIEP M61.   Secondary Methods: English

CIEP M62.   Secondary Methods: Mathematics

CIEP M63.   Secondary Methods: Foreign Language

CIEP M64.   Secondary Methods: Science

CIEP M68.   Materials and Techniques for Teaching Religion in the Elementary School

CIEP M69.   Materials and Techniques for Teaching Religion in the Secondary School

CIEP M77.   Bi-Lingual Methods & Materials

CIEP M78.   ESL Methods & Materials

CIEP M80.   Materials and Methods for Middle School Math Instruction

CIEP M83.   Teaching Science in Elementary/Middle School

CIEP M86.   Middle School Science Methods

CIEP 104.   Mathematics for Teachers I

CIEP 105.   Mathematics for Teachers II

CIEP 106.   Math for Teachers III - Computer

CIEP 111.   LEAP Workshop

CIEP 112.   Strategies for Learning

CIEP 113.   First Year Seminar

CIEP 113A.   First Year Seminar I

CIEP 113B.   First Year Seminar II

CIEP 114.   Critical Skills

CIEP 201.   Seminar in Teaching I

CIEP 202.   Seminar in Teaching II

CIEP 203.   Seminar in Teaching III

CIEP 204.   Seminar in Teaching IV

CIEP/ENGL 206.   Children's Literature

CIEP 210.   Development in Early Childhood

CIEP 211.   Introduction to Early Childhood Education and ECSE

CIEP 229.   Introduction of Educational Psychology

CIEP 261.   Computer Applications in Education I

CIEP 304.   History of Math for Teachers

CIEP 305.   Reading Teacher Practicum

CIEP 311.   Seminar in Teaching

CIEP 312.   Seminar in Teaching

CIEP 313.   Seminar in Teaching VII

CIEP 314.   Seminar in Teaching

CIEP 315.   Language Development and Literacy

CIEP 327.   Teaching Writing

CIEP 328.   Assessment and Diagnosis of Reading Problems

CIEP 329.   Materials, Resources and Strategies for the Reading Teacher

CIEP 330.   Typical & Atypical Development

CIEP 331.   Transition Planning

CIEP 332.   School wide Applications

CIEP/BWS 333.   Education of the Urban Child

CIEP 334.   Child, Family and Community

CIEP 336.   Child Development and Implications for Education

CIEP 337.   Assessment in Early Childhood Education 

CIEP 338.   Theories of Learning

CIEP 339.   The Exceptional Child

CIEP 340.   Professional Applications in Special Education

CIEP 342.   Transition Planning

CIEP 343.   Adaptive & Assistive Technology

CIEP 350.   Adolescent Literature

CIEP 351.   Curriculum and Teaching in the Middle School

CIEP 354.   Classroom Management

CIEP 359.   Teaching Reading: Elementary

CIEP 360.   Interdisciplinary Workshop

CIEP 361.   Computer Application Education II

CIEP 362.   Literacy Instruction in Content Areas

CIEP 363.   Workshop in the Individualization of Instruction

CIEP 364.   Classroom Assessment

CIEP 365.   Health / Fitness Education

CIEP 375.   Theoretical Foundation in English Language Learners/Bilingual Education

CIEP 376.   Assessment of English Language Learners

CIEP 380.   Statistical Methods

CIEP 390.   Field Study in Education

CIEP 398.   Independent Study

CIEP 400.   Fundamentals of Research: Special Education

CIEP 401.   The Exceptional Child

CIEP 406.   Clin Exp Special Education

CIEP 410.   Legal Issues

CIEP 412.   Special Topics in Special Education

CIEP 413.   Characteristics of Psychopathology in Childhood and Adolescence

CIEP 414.   Instructional Strategies for Diverse Populations

CIEP 417.  Scientifically Based Research

CIEP 420.  Multivariate Aspects of Reading

CIEP 421.   Reading/Literacy Instruction for Diverse Populations

CIEP 422.   Assessing Literacy

CIEP 423.   Advanced Literacy Instruction in Content Areas

CIEP 424.   Assessment, Diagnosis and Evaluation in Reading

CIEP 425.   Classroom Assessment

CIEP 426.   Analysis of Reading Materials

CIEP 428.   Seminar: Development and Administration of Reading Programs

CIEP 429.    Teaching Child & Adult Literature

CIEP 430.   Practicum in Reading Disabilities

CIEP 431.   Three Tiered Prevention: Advanced Primary Supports

CIEP 432.   Three Tiered Prevention: Secondary and Tertiary Supports

CIEP 433.   Self-Determination: Self-Management and Transition Planning

CIEP 434.   Practicum I: Consultation and Collaboration - School Personnel

CIEP 435.   Practicum II: Consultation and Collaboration - Family & Community

CIEP 437.   Instructional Strategies for Teaching Social Studies and the Arts

CIEP 438.   Math Elementary & Middle School Teacher

CIEP 439.   Teaching Science Elementary & Middle Schools

CIEP 440. Curriculum and Instruction

CIEP 442.   Curriculum Development and Implementation

CIEP 443. Evidence-Based Practices in Mathematics and Science Teaching

CIEP 444.   Social Justice, Service, Quality

CIEP 446.   Middle School Theory & Practice

CIEP 447.   Technology Enhanced Instruction

CIEP 448.   Technology Enhanced Instruction II: e-Learning

CIEP 449.   Practicum: School Technology

CIEP 450.   Educational Psychology

CIEP 451.   Psychology of Learning

CIEP 452.   Literacy Theory & Foundations

CIEP 453.   Emergent Literacy

CIEP 454.   Writing as Literacy

CIEP 456.   Leadership in Reading/Professional Development

CIEP 457.   Implementing Technology: Change Strategies and Professional Development

CIEP 458.   Classroom Management

CIEP 461/463.   Practicum in School Psychology

CIEP 462.   Seminar in Professional School Psychology

CIEP 466.   Selected Topics in School Psychology

CIEP 469.   Teaching and Learning in Urban Communities

CIEP 470.   Principals of Instructional Design

CIEP 471.   Theoretical Foundations for Teaching ESL / Bilingual

CIEP 472.   Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL and Bilingual Education

CIEP 473.   Instructional Leadership in Multicultural Schools

CIEP 474.   Assessment of Bilingual Students

CIEP 475.   Theoretical Foundation of ESL/Bilingual Education

CIEP 476.   Research in the Teaching of Literacy

CIEP 477.   Academic Assessment and Interventions

CIEP 478.   Behavior Intervention

CIEP 479.   School-Based Consultation

CIEP 480.   Assessment of School Age Students and Adults

CIEP 481.   Prevention, Assessment, and Intervention: Early Childhood

CIEP/CPSY 482.   Personality Assessment

CIEP 484.   Biological Foundations of Behavior

CIEP 485. Social/Emotional Behavior Assessment and Intervention.

CIEP 486.   Internship: School Psychology

CIEP/CPSY 487.   Tests and Measurements

CIEP 488.   Action Research to Improve Teaching & Learning

CIEP 489.   Introduction to Networking

CIEP 495 / CPSY 495.   Research Methods

CIEP 496.   Program Evaluation

CIEP 498.   Independent Study

CIEP 499.   Directed Research

CIEP 501.   Exceptional Learner II

CIEP 503.   Culturally Relevant Literature for Children and Adolescents

CIEP 505.   Literacy and Numeracy for Principals

CIEP 506.  English Language Learning Practicum

CIEP 510.   Accessing and Adapting the General Education Curriculum

CIEP 511.   Developmental Theory and Disabilities

CIEP 512.   Seminar: Special Education, the Profession

CIEP 519.   Data-based Decision Making

CIEP 520. Doctoral Seminar

CIEP 521.   Curriculum Theory and Research

CIEP 522.   Curriculum Policy

CIEP 523.   School Improvement and Curriculum Reform

CIEP 524.   Privilege, Power, and Possibilities: Multicultural Education in Urban Classrooms

CIEP 526.   Assessment Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Populations

CIEP 527. Ethics and Law for School Psychologists.

CIEP 532.   Seminar: Essential Curriculum Issues

CIEP 533.   Proseminar in Educational Psychology/School Psychology

CIEP 540.   Seminar in Research in Curriculum and Instruction

CIEP 541.   Seminar in Current Issues in Curriculum

CIEP 542.   Seminar on Theories in Curriculum and Instruction

CIEP 543.   Seminar in Current Issues in School Improvement

CIEP 544.   Crisis Prevention and Intervention Strategies in Schools

CIEP 545.   Advanced Systems Consultation and School Psychology Supervision

CIEP 546.   School Psychology Specialty Practicum

CIEP 547.   Clerkship: Research and Psychology in the Schools

CIEP 548.   Family, School, and Community Collaboration

CIEP 550.   Seminar in School and Educational Psychology

CIEP 556.   Seminar in Problem Solving, Thinking, and Creativity

CIEP 557.   Seminar in Learning Theory and Teaching

CIEP 558.   Seminar in Theories of Intelligence

CIEP 559/PSYC 541.   Seminar in Theories of Learning

CIEP 561.   Practicum in Curriculum

CIEP 562.   Student Teaching (Graduate Level): Elementary and Secondary Education

CIEP 563.   Student Teaching (Graduate Level): Special Education

CIEP 564.   Student Teaching Grad

CIEP 586.   Internship in School Psychology for Ph.D. Students

CIEP 595.   Thesis Supervision

CIEP 600.   Dissertation Supervision

CIEP 605.   Master's Study

CIEP 610.   Doctoral Study


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