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Course Offerings and Syllabi: CPSY

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CPSY 224.   Career and Life Planning Lab

CPSY 273/PSYC 273.   Developmental Psychology

CPSY 333.   Abnormal Psychology

CPSY 334.   Child, Family, and Community

CPSY 337.   Adolescent Development

CPSY 338.   Psychology of Personality

CPSY 342.   Identity and Pluralism

CPSY 420.   Counseling Skills

CPSY 421.   Professional Issues in Counseling

CPSY 423.   Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy

CPSY 424.   Career Development and Counseling

CPSY 425.   Assessment in Counseling

CPSY 426.   Group Counseling: Theory and Practice

CPSY 427.   Introduction to Community Counseling

CPSY 428.   Introduction to School Counseling

CPSY 429.   Psychology of Social Identities

CPSY 430.   Psychological Measurement

CPSY 431.   Advanced School Counseling and Consultation

CPSY 433.   Multicultural Counseling

CPSY 435.   Selected Topics in Counseling

CPSY 437.   Substance Abuse Counseling

CPSY 438.   Programs for Addicted Personality

CPSY 440.   Counseling Practicum/Internship

CPSY 441.   Counseling Practicum II

CPSY 442.   Counseling Practicum III

CPSY 443.   Clerkship

CPSY 444.   Family Therapy I

CPSY 445.   Family Therapy II

CPSY 446.   Marital/Couples Therapy

CPSY 450.   Research Methods in Counseling

CPSY 454.   Human Development

CPSY 455.   Interpersonal Relations Sexuality

CPSY 457.   Child Development and Counseling

CPSY 458.   Adolescent Development and Counseling

CPSY 461.   Neuropsychology

CPSY 482.   Personality Assessment

CPSY 484.   Neuropsychological Assessment

CPSY 485.   Career Assessment

CPSY 488.   Theory of Measurement: Scaling

CPSY 498.   Independent Study

CPSY 499.   Independent Research

CPSY 527.   Community-Based Interventions'

CPSY 528.   Clinical Appraisal and Treatment Planning

CPSY 529.   Psychology of Social Identities

CPSY 530.   Research Seminar in Counseling Psychology

CPSY 531.   Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling Psychology

CPSY 532.   Advanced Theories in Psychotherapy

CPSY 535.   Seminar in Supervision

CPSY 536. Supervision Practicum

CPSY 580.   Seminar in Advanced Educational Statistics

CPSY 595.   Thesis Supervision

CPSY 600.   Dissertation Supervision

CPSY 605.   Master's Study

CPSY 610.   Doctoral Study

CPSY 615.   Internship: Counseling Psychology


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