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Course Offerings and Syllabi: ELPS


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ELPS 219.   American Education

ELPS 230.   Globalization, Education and Childhood

ELPS 240.   Urban Education: Policy and Practice

ELPS 265.   Cultural and Educational Policy Studies Internship

ELPS 300.   History of Education

ELPS 301.   History of Western Education

ELPS 302.   Philosophy of Education

ELPS 310.   Leadership: Group Dynamics and a Mission Centered

ELPS 311.   Student Leadership: Using Social Justice in
                     Developmental Models

ELPS 400.   Inquiry into Educational Policy

ELPS 401.   Documentary Research in Educ

ELPS 403.   Qual Research Meth

ELPS 405.   Introduction to Educational Policy Analysis

ELPS 410.   Sociology of Education

ELPS 412.   Sociological Analysis of Urban Education and Policy

ELPS 419.   Leadership in Higher Education

ELPS 420.   Philosophy of Education

ELPS 421.   Theories of Knowledge and Education

ELPS 422.   Modern Theories of Education

ELPS 425.   The Student Affairs Profession in Higher Education

ELPS 427.   American Higher Education

ELPS 428.   The Junior and Community College

ELPS 429.   Selected Topics in Higher Education

ELPS 430.   Curriculum in Higher Education

ELPS 431.   Evaluation in Higher Education

ELPS 432.   Multiculturalism for Social Justice in Higher Education

ELPS 433.   Student Development in Higher Education

ELPS 434.   American College Student

ELPS 435.   Enrollment Management in Higher Education

ELPS 436.   Women in Higher Education

ELPS 437.   Today's Community College Students

ELPS 438.   Designing Effective Community College Courses

ELPS 439.   Assessing Learning In Community Colleges

ELPS 440.   Community College Students as Learners

ELPS 441.   Community College Teaching

ELPS 442.   Humanistic Foundations of Education

ELPS 443.   Educational Classics

ELPS 444.   American Schooling and Social Policy: A Historical

ELPS 445/HIST 456.   US and Canadian Education in the
                                          Twentieth Century

ELPS 446.   Historical Foundations of Western Education and
                      Social Policy

ELPS 447/HIST 438.   History of Modern European Education

ELPS 448.   International Higher Education

ELPS 453.   Legal Aspects of American Higher Education

ELPS 454.   Budgeting and Finance in Higher Education

ELPS 455.   Comparative Education

ELPS 456.   Education and Democratization

ELPS 457.   Comparative Theory

ELPS 458.   International Education

ELPS 459.   Organization & Governance in Higher Education

ELPS 460.   School Administration

ELPS 461.   Issues in School Law

ELPS 462.   Problems in School Administration: The Principalship

ELPS 463.   School Leadership and the Law

ELPS 465.   Workshop (variable topics)

ELPS 466.   School Finance and Budgeting

ELPS 467.   School Law and Government

ELPS 468.   Problems in Finance and Business Management

ELPS 469.   Human Resources in Educational Organizations

ELPS 470.   School Supervision

ELPS 472.   Administration of Special Education and Pupil Services

ELPS 473.   Problems in School Supervision

ELPS 475.   Human Resource Administration for the School District

ELPS 476.   Technology in School Administration

ELPS 481.   Mission Driven Leadership

ELPS 482.   School Supervision for Principals

ELPS 490.   Introduction to Educational Policy Studies

ELPS 491.   Issues in Educational Policy

ELPS 498.   Independent Study

ELPS 499.   Directed Research

ELPS 500.   Seminar in Current Educational Literature

ELPS 510.   Seminar in the Social Foundations and Educational

ELPS 520.   Seminar in the Philosophy of Education

ELPS 527.   Internship in Higher Education

ELPS 528.   Internship Higher Education II

ELPS 529.   Seminar in Higher Education

ELPS 540.   Seminar in the History of Education

ELPS 550.   Seminar on Globalization and Education

ELPS 555.   Seminar in Comparative Education

ELPS 560.   Seminar in School Administration

ELPS 561.   Seminar in Current Issues in Administration

ELPS 562.   Practicum School Administration

ELPS 563.   The Administrative Internship

ELPS 565.   International Education Internship

ELPS 570.   Seminar in School Supervision

ELPS 571.   Current Issues Supervision

ELPS 580.   Residency Seminar for Doctoral Students in
                      Administration and Supervision

ELPS 595.   Thesis Supervision

ELPS 600.   Dissertation Supervision

ELPS 605.   Master's Study

ELPS 610.   Doctoral Study

ELPS 620.   Dissertation Research


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