Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

Current Students

PhD in Counseling Psychology

Cecile Bhang, MA (enrolled 2014)

  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Ethnicity: Korean-American
  • Clinical Interests: children/adolescents, culturally congruent/multicultural therapy
  • Research Interests: resilience promoting factors in ethnic minority children/adolescents
  • Contact Info: cbhang@luc.edu

Kimberly Hook, MA (enrolled 2014)

  • Hometown: Pensacola, FL
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Clinical Interests: Adults; Outreach, preventative, and psychoeducational interventions for underserved populations
  • Research Interests: Cultural competence; Development and adaptation of psychological interventions for underserved populations; Effects of sustained disparities on the mental health and well-being of underserved populations; Resilience factors
  • Contact Info: khook@luc.edu

Latifat Odenewu, MS (enrolled 2014)

  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Ethnicity: Nigerian
  • Clinical Interests: Immigrant and minority populations; children & adolescents
  • Research Interests: Acculturation and enculturation; racial/ethnic identity development of African immigrants; multicultural competence
  • Contact Info: lodenewu@luc.edu

Alexander Tatum, MS (enrolled 2014)

  • Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian, Hispanic
  • Clinical interests: Processing the cognitions of individuals affected by HIV/AIDS, addressing the unique concerns of sexual minorities that serve as barriers to wellness, assisting college students in navigating life transitions
  • Research interests: HIV/AIDS adjustment, sexual risk-taking among men who have sex with men (MSM), LGBTQ identity development and well-being, career development concerns of sexual minorities, heterosexual aggression toward stereotypical gender role violations
  • Contact Info: atatum1@luc.edu

Bernasha Anderson, MED (enrolled 2013)

  • Hometown: Miami, FL
  • Ethnicity: African American
  • Clinical Interests: Marriage & family therapy, trauma counseling, and preventative and outreach interventions with youth in urban school settings
  • Research Interests: Stereotypical images and roles of African American women, identity development of African American youth, and varied modalities of family therapy for African American families
  • Contact info: banderson11@luc.edu

Hanna Chang, MA (enrolled 2013)

  • Hometown: San Jose, CA
  • Ethnicity: Taiwanese American
  • Clinical Interests: Adults, college students, minority populations, immigrants
  • Research Interests: Acculturative and enculturative stress in Asian Americans, Asian American gender roles, patriarchy and power dynamics within Asian families, racial identity development, multicultural competence
  • Contact info: hchang2@luc.edu

Marissa Floro, MA (enrolled 2013)

  • Hometown: Fremont, CA
  • Ethnicity: Mixed- Filipino, Italian, Eastern European
  • Clinical Interests: working with individuals who identify as LGBTQQIA, women of color, outreach and preventative interventions for marginalized groups, working within a Feminist/multicultural approach
  • Research Interests: intersectionality of identities and experiences, gender issues and presentation of ethnic/sexual minorities, LGBTQ identity development and subculture, empowering women
  • Contact info: mfloro@luc.edu

Meghan Roche, MA (enrolled 2013)

  • Hometown: Louisville, CO
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Clinical interests: prevention and outreach with urban and under-represented youth, family therapy, children and adolescents with developmental disabilities
  • Research interests: career development of under-represented populations, career interventions to facilitate post-secondary aspirations in urban and under-represented youth, well-being at meaning making through work
  • Contact info: mroche5@luc.edu

Nickecia Alder, MA, EdM (enrolled 2012)

  • Hometown: Queens, NY
  • Ethnicity: African American, Guyanese heritage
  • Clinical Interests: outreach and preventive interventions with at-risk children and youth from urban settings, couple and family therapy, underrepresented college students
  • Research Interests: racial identity development in African American youth, spiritual well-being as it relates to psychological well-being in African Americans, resilience among urban youth, factors that foster or inhibit academic success in urban youth, family dynamics and structure in relation to identity development,
  • Contact Info: nalder@luc.edu.

Daniel Camacho, MS (enrolled 2012)

  • Hometown: Croton-on-Hudson,NY
  • Ethnicity: Cuban & Caucasian (bi-racial)
  • Clinical Interests: Outreach and preventative interventions with youth in urban schools, school counseling
  • Research Interests: School-based programs that impact the social, emotional, and academic well-being of urban youth
  • Contact Info: dcamacho@luc.edu

Angela Clawson, MA (enrolled 2012)

  • Hometown: Westlake, OH
  • Clinical Interests: working with children and families, individuals in the LGBTQ community, college students, and grief counseling; practicing within an empowerment/systemic model; use of mindfulness techniques in therapy
  • Research Interests: identity formation, racial socialization experiences, exploring resilience in oppression and ways to strengthen resilience in marginalized populations (particularly youth), development of critical consciousness, expression/communication of empathy in the counseling environment, and acculturation and enculturation processes.
  • Contact info: aclawson@luc.edu

Manual Salgado, MSE (enrolled 2012)

  • Hometown: Elk Grove Village, IL
  • Ethnicity: Mexican American
  • Clinical interest: Immigrants’ and Latino psychological well-being; acculturative stress with undocumented youth; College and university counseling
  • Research interest: Culturally centered psychological well-being scale for Latino students; Academic persistence and achievement of Latino and African American youth; Mental health impact, access, and quality of service of undocumented clients; Acculturation and enculturation process
  • Contact info: msalgado@luc.edu

Kristen Adams, MEd (enrolled 2011)

  • Hometown: Ridgefield, CT
  • Clinical Interests: Adults, college counseling, underserved populations
  • Research Interests: Social identity development, social class, issues of poverty, multicultural training and cultural competence, the therapeutic process
  • Contact info: kadams2@luc.edu

Fatma Aydin, MA (enrolled 2011)

  • Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Clinical Interests: Working with college student populations; outreach, preventative and psychoeducational interventions for underserved and marginalized groups; group therapy
  • Research Interests: Subjective experiences of and issues related to social class; critical consciousness development of adolescents, young adults, and counselors in training; effectiveness of multicultural counseling training; at-risk youth and subjective well being
  • Contact info: faydin@luc.edu

Michael Knoll, MA (enrolled 2011)

  • Hometown: Stillwater, MN
  • Clinical Interests: Adolescents and adults in correctional and hospital settings, prevention/intervention for at-risk youth, anxiety disorders
  • Research Interests: Well-being in urban youth, spirituality, therapist resiliency, masculinity
  • Contact info: mknoll@luc.edu

Kathleen Kordesh, MS (enrolled 2011)

  • Hometown: Oak Park, IL
  • Ethnicity/nationality: White
  • Clinical interests: Children, adolescents, and adults
  • Research interests: White racial attitudes, the role of affect in White individuals racial attitudes, White antiracism, social identities (including race, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, ability, and language), multicultural education and teaching
  • Contact info: kkordesh@luc.edu

Andrea (Annie) Carr, M.Ed. (enrolled 2010)

  • Hometown: Schererville, IN
  • Ethnicity/nationality: Caucasian
  • Clinical interests: Adolescents
  • Research interests: Career and Vocational Psychology and School Counseling
  • Contact info: acarr2@luc.edu

Chih-Ting Chang, M.Ed. (enrolled 2010)

  • Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Clinical Interests: Working with immigrant populations, trauma survivors, and at-risk adolescents in urban settings
  • Research Interests: Research methodologies, processes of enculturation and acculturation, resilience in urban youth and social-cultural contexts in clinical practice
  • Contact info: cchang4@luc.edu

Gihane Jėrėmie-Brink, M.A. (enrolled 2010)

  • Hometown: Waltham, MA
  • Ethnicity: Haitian American
  • Clinical Interests: Treatment of trauma, grief and PTSD in adolescents and adults; immigrant populations; group and family therapy; outreach and preventive interventions with at-risk youth in urban settings
  • Research Interests: Racial and ethnic identity development; racial socialization of youth in the African American and Black immigrant populations; gendered racial socialization of African American women and adolescent girls; effects of oppression on the psychological and subjective well-being of marginalized populations; coping and resilience; acculturation and enculturation process
  • Contact info: gbrink@luc.edu  

Kia-Rai M. Prewitt, M.A., L.P.C. (enrolled 2009)

  • Hometown:   Richton Park, IL
  • Clinical Interests:  Prevention and outreach for adolescents of color, underrepresented college students and their families.
  • Research Interests:  Variables that contribute to the retention and graduation of underrepresented college students; career development and aspirations of African American children; positive identity development of African American children.
  • Contact info:  kpittman@luc.edu

Toussaint D. Whetstone, M.A. (enrolled 2009)

  • Hometown: Belvidere, IL 
  • Clinical Interest: College student population, mentally ill adults, treatment of interracial couples and families.
  • Research Interests: Racial identity development, racial socialization of biracial children, interracial family dynamics, self-concept in African American males as fostered or inhibited by family and educational systems, spiritual well-being as it relates to self-efficacy beliefs in oppressed populations.
  • Contact info: twhetstone@luc.edu

Katie Doud, M.A. (enrolled 2008)

  • Hometown: Lincoln, NE
  • Clinical Interests: Working with at-risk adolescents, anxiety disorders and survivors of interpersonal violence and sexual assault
  • Research Interests: Adolescent females’ identity development, protective factors for urban adolescent youth that aid students staying in school and intimate partner violence and sexual assault prevention
  • Contact info: kdoud@luc.edu