Loyola University Chicago

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Previous Dissertation Titles

PhD Higher Education

The names in parentheses indicate the dissertation director.


  • Dr. Diana Chavez (Kelly) "Examining Latino/a First-generation College Students' Educational Resilience at a Jesuit Higher Education Institution"
  • Dr. Kimberly Fath (Dugan) "A Content Analysis of Hierarchical Linear Modeling From Four Higher Education Journals"
  • Dr. Corinne Kodama (Dugan) "A Structural Model of Leadership Self-Efficacy for Asian American Students: Examining Influences of Collective Racial Esteem and Resilience"
  • Dr. Kristin McMann (Kelly) "Master's Students' Experiences with Multicultural Competency Curriculum in a Graduate Preparation Program"
  • Dr. Sunshine Nakae (Engberg) "Backgrounds and Outcomes of Allopathic Medical School Applicants: Exploring Stratification and Inequality"


  • Dr. Michael Beazley (Dugan) "Socially Responsible Leadership Capacity Development: Predictors among African American/ Black Students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Predominantly White Institutions"
  • Dr. James Hammerschmidt (Williams) "An Investigation of  Chinese Graduate Student Understanding of Academic Integrity in U.S. Higher Education"
  • Dr. Brenda Poggendorf (Williams) "Exploring Predicted vs. Actual First-to-Second Year Retention Rates: A Study of Evangelical Lutheran Church in American Colleges"


  • Dr. Daniel Allen (Engberg) "The Locus of Preparation and Privilege: College Choice and Social Reproduction"
  • Dr. Kathryn Linaker (Williams) "Shades of Grey: An Exploration of the Student Learning Experience in Diagnostic Radiology Education"
  • Dr. Deborah Martin (Williams) "Measuring the Impact of a Residential Learning Community on the Mental Health and Well-Being of Art Students in Higher Education"
  • Dr. Kate O'Brien (Kelly) "African American Male Student Athletes: Identity and Academic Performance"
  • Dr. Patrick Spence (Williams) "Parental Involvement in the Lives of College Students: Impact on Student Independence, Self-Direction, and Critical Thinking"
  • Dr. Daniel Turner (Williams) "The Impact of Involvement in Mortar Board Senior Honor Society on Lifelong Views of Civil Engagement and Leadership"


  • Dr. Paul Chelsen (Williams) "An Examination of Internet Pornography Usage Among Male Undergraduates at Evangelical Christian Colleges"
  • Dr. Eileen P. Doherty (Haworth) "Leading with Love: The Confluence of Spirituality and Leadership in College Students"
  • Dr. Lunaire Ford (Williams) "A Phenomenological Study Exploring the Undergraduate McNair Program Experience of Program Alumni Currently Serving as College Faculty"
  • Dr. Jaime Martinez Franco (Williams) "An Exploratory Study of the Curricular Integration of Ethics in Executive MBA Programs"
  • Dr. Lauren Kemner Miller (Willliams) "The Impact of Intrusing Advising on Academic Self Efficacy Beliefs of First-Year Students in Higher Education"
  • Dr. Christopher L. Nicholson (Williams) "To Advance A Race: A Historical Analysis of the Intersection of Personal Belief, Industrial Philanthropy And Black Liberal Arts Higher Education in Fayette McKenzie's Presidency at Fisk University, 1915-1925"
  • Dr. Christopher A. Waugh (Williams) "Bystander Behavior: Understanding Undergraduate Male Involvement in Dangerous Drinking Situations"