Loyola University Chicago

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Previous Dissertation Titles

PhD Higher Education

The names in parentheses indicate the dissertation director.


  • Dr. Michael Bumbry (Dugan) "The Influences of Race, Ethnicity, and Class on Latin@ Young Alumni Philanthropy from a Predominantly White Institution"
  • Dr. Aliza Gilbert (Engberg) "Helping DREAMers Achieve the College Dream: A Case Study Analysis"
  • Dr. Shannon Howes (Dugan) "You're Kind of Just Conditioned": Women and Female College Students' Defiance of Dominant Social Messages in the Development of Leader Self-Efficacy"
  • Dr. William Rodriguez (Dugan) "Symbolic Centers in the Background or Units at the Forefront of Change? Race Specific Cultural Centers and Student Support Programs And Their Potential Impact on Students of Color"
  • Dr. S. Simmons (Kelly) "I Am Because We Are”: A Portrait of Trans* Post-Secondary Educators’ Experiences in Higher Education"


  • Dr. Jessica Murphy (Dugan) "International Partnerships for Service-Based Education Programs: An Instrumental Case Study of Haiti Compact"
  • Dr. Dian Squire (Kelly) "Shifting Narratives in Doctoral Admissions: Faculty of Color Understandings of Diversity, Equity, and Justice in a Neoliberal Context"


  • Dr. Diana Chavez (Kelly) "Examining Latino/a First-generation College Students' Educational Resilience at a Jesuit Higher Education Institution"
  • Dr. Kimberly Fath (Dugan) "A Content Analysis of Hierarchical Linear Modeling From Four Higher Education Journals"
  • Dr. Corinne Kodama (Dugan) "A Structural Model of Leadership Self-Efficacy for Asian American Students: Examining Influences of Collective Racial Esteem and Resilience"
  • Dr. Kristin McMann (Kelly) "Master's Students' Experiences with Multicultural Competency Curriculum in a Graduate Preparation Program"
  • Dr. Sunshine Nakae (Engberg) "Backgrounds and Outcomes of Allopathic Medical School Applicants: Exploring Stratification and Inequality"


  • Dr. Michael Beazley (Dugan) "Socially Responsible Leadership Capacity Development: Predictors among African American/ Black Students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Predominantly White Institutions"
  • Dr. James Hammerschmidt (Williams) "An Investigation of  Chinese Graduate Student Understanding of Academic Integrity in U.S. Higher Education"
  • Dr. Brenda Poggendorf (Williams) "Exploring Predicted vs. Actual First-to-Second Year Retention Rates: A Study of Evangelical Lutheran Church in American Colleges"


  • Dr. Daniel Allen (Engberg) "The Locus of Preparation and Privilege: College Choice and Social Reproduction"
  • Dr. Kathryn Linaker (Williams) "Shades of Grey: An Exploration of the Student Learning Experience in Diagnostic Radiology Education"
  • Dr. Deborah Martin (Williams) "Measuring the Impact of a Residential Learning Community on the Mental Health and Well-Being of Art Students in Higher Education"
  • Dr. Kurt Schackmuth (Haworth) "An Exploration of the Experiences of First-Generation College Students in Lasallian Higher Education"
  • Dr. Kate O'Brien (Kelly) "African American Male Student Athletes: Identity and Academic Performance"
  • Dr. Patrick Spence (Williams) "Parental Involvement in the Lives of College Students: Impact on Student Independence, Self-Direction, and Critical Thinking"
  • Dr. Daniel Turner (Williams) "The Impact of Involvement in Mortar Board Senior Honor Society on Lifelong Views of Civil Engagement and Leadership"