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M.Ed. in Elementary & Secondary Education

For answers to more FAQs about the School of Education, see the general FAQs page.

  • How long will it take to complete this program?
  • When and where are courses offered?
  • Are all the courses in the master's program required for teacher certification?
  • Can I start the program if I have not completed my teachable subject area for secondary education?
  • Does this program fulfill all requirements for a certificate?
  • What is involved in clinical experiences?
  • When should I take the Illinois Content Area Test?


International Students
  • Can international applicants apply for the master's degree program with teacher certification?
Student Teaching
  • What is the process to be admitted to student teaching?
  • Can I student teach during evenings or weekends, or during the summer?
  • What happens during student teaching interviews?
  • When applying for student teaching, will I get the school I request?
  • When student teaching, do I abide by Loyola's schedule or my school schedule?
  • Do I have to attend the seminars while student teaching?
  • Do I have to register for student teaching as a regular course?
  • How is a student evaluated when he/she is student teaching?
  • Does completion of the teacher education program automatically qualify me for certification?
  • What grades does my certificate qualify me to teach?
  • How do I apply for state certification?
  • What if I move to a different state?
  • When should I take the Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT) Test?