Loyola University Chicago

School of Education

Special Programs

In addition to an array of superior academic degree programs, the School of Education also offers special opportunities for students to enrich and enhance learning. For additional information or assistance about SOE's special programs, call: 312.915.6800 or send us an e-mail at: SchlEduc@luc.edu.

Summer in Rome

Graduate education courses are offered at Loyola's John Felice Rome Center, enabling students to experience the cultural resources of the Eternal City. Graduate program details are made available online by mid-October every year. For program information, visit Summer Study in Rome, or e-mail: SOERome@luc.edu.

School-based Summer Immersion in Mexico City

The School-based Summer Immersion in Mexico City program offers cultural, linguistic, and pedagogical immersion in an authentic school setting in order to prepare teachers who will use Spanish as a medium of instruction. Participants spend two weeks in Mexico City living in a homestay and pairing with elementary school teachers for Spanish-language pedagogical experiences. From 9 a.m.–2 p.m. daily, students observe, co-teach, and work with students at Colegio Símon Bolívar, a private Catholic K-8 school. This immersion in a classroom in Mexico will make participants stand out when applying for teaching positions upon graduation.

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is a hybrid tutoring and mentoring combination that pairs high achieving (3.0 GPA) and professionally trained college students with at-risk students in underperforming urban high schools for regularly scheduled support.

Chicagoland Partners for English Language Learners (CPELL)

The second generation Chicagoland Partners for English Language Learners (CPELL) program provides tuition scholarships within the School of Education for an MEd in Teacher Leader and English as a Second Language (ESL) with dual endorsements in Teacher Leader and ESL, for an M.Ed. in English Language Teaching and Learning with an ESL endorsement or for an ESL endorsement only to teachers in partner school districts. CPELL also provide school-based comprehensive professional development to improve the program leadership and classroom instruction for English Language Learners (ELLs) at partner schools. CPELL is distinctive in that it places an emphasis on developing ELL teacher leaders as well as educational and parental advocates for bilingual students. The CPELL program is funded by a second federal National Professional Development Grant #T365Z120068 from the Office of English Language Acquisition for $2 million over five years.

GEAR UP at Loyola

The Chicago GEAR UP Alliance is a federally funded program that operates as a partnership of Chicago post-secondary institutions and Chicago Public Schools (CPS). The School of Education at Loyola University Chicago has been an active partner in the GEAR UP network for nine years. Programs include direct services to students, parent programs, and professional development for CPS faculty.

Loyola’s GEAR UP network leads professional development efforts for the Chicago GEAR UP Alliance in the area of mathematics, participating in annual conference design and implementation, curriculum development, and onsite professional development in area schools. Loyola’s GU network also coordinates a number of direct outreach projects with CPS high-need high schools by hiring and training nearly 50 Loyola undergrads to work weekly as “academic coaches” with small groups of students in those designated schools.

One GEAR UP initiative is MathFLIX, a series of short professional education videos for teachers and teaching students to learn and review math concepts. For more information, see mathflix.luc.edu.

For more information on GEAR UP at Loyola or becoming an academic coach, contact Mary Charles at 773.508.8383 or email at mcharle@luc.edu.

JVC Magis

JVC Magis is a two/three-year service program for college graduates who are former Jesuit volunteers. Its mission is prepare leaders to advance the apostolic work of the Jesuits and the Catholic Church by serving Catholic and Jesuit apostolates in the Chicago area as well trained professionals. The essence of JVC MAGIS can be found in its four values: social justice, simple living, community, and spirituality. Participants of JVC MAGIS serve others as dedicated, full-time professionals. They attend graduate classes through a graduate program at Loyola University Chicago. Upon successful completion of the course work, participants earn a master’s degree from Loyola.

Language Matters

Language Matters is a grant-funded project that partners Loyola's School of Education with six North Side Chicago Public Schools and two networks to provide professional development and programming to support students' language development in academic instruction.  One central component of the project includes a graduate-level ESL endorsement cohort for teachers and leaders at partner schools.


LU-CHOICE is a post-graduate service-teaching program whose mission is to advance Catholic education by educating, placing, and supporting talented college graduates in elementary classrooms in the Archdiocese of Chicago. LU-CHOICE teachers live out their faith and embody the Jesuit ideal of being men and women for others through service to their schools and dedication to their community.

Target New Transitions

Target New Transitions brings high-achieving college students and at-risk high school freshmen together Saturday mornings for three hours of concentrated homework and high school transition support. Loyola students get excellent field experience, while also giving back to their community.

Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS)

The Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program at Loyola helps K-12th grade Chicago area educators use the Library of Congress' rich reservoir of digitized primary source materials to design challenging, high-quality instruction. The program is funded through the Library of Congress and awarded in Illinois through the efforts and support of U.S. Senator Richard J. "Dick" Durbin (D-IL). Formerly known as Adventure of the American Mind (AAM)