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Language Matters

Language Matters Spring Conference (3/14/15)

  • Keynote: Undocumented to Hyperdocumented - Lessons in Leveraging Language (Chang)
  • Tapping into Students' Funds of Knowledge (J. Cohen)
  • Cooperative Learning Structures for English Learner Students (Rose)
  • Critical Information for Supporting Immigrant Families (Ha)
  • Strengthening Communication with Diverse Families (Madison Vasquez)
  • Supporting Students' L1 in Multilingual Classrooms (Mariano)
  • Common Core State Standards and English Learners: Challenges and Opportunities for Academic Success (Vonderlack-Navarro)
  • Teaching Strategies for Dual-Labeled EL/DL Students (Strauts & Seidler)


Language Matters Fall Conference (11/15/14)

  • The International Baccalaureate and English Learners (Arreguin)
  • Speaking "Parent" in a Culture of Diversity (Cejovic) 
  • Identity Texts(Cohen)
  • Using Cognates in Spanish/English Bilingual Classrooms (Colon)
  • Fall Conference Welcoming Remarks(Heineke)
  • PARCC, Common Core, and ELs(Leitao and Rose)
  • Applying Common Core for English Learners: Lesson Planning for Academic Language(Nasir)
  • Multi-tier System of Support for Language Minority Learners: The Efficacy of Supplementary Intensive Vocabulary Instruction for Kindergarten Students(Neugebauer)

Literacy and Language Learning for All Students (3/29/14)

  • Preparing All Educators for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students: A Policy Perspective (Vonderlack-Navarro)
  • Considerations in the Identification and Support of  English Language Learners with Learning Problems (Patricia Chamberlain)
  • Biliteracy Instructional Practices: Spanish and English (Sonia Soltero)
  • Authentic Assessment of English Learners (Lauren Leitao)
  • Applications of UDL in an English Learners' Classroom (Tony Morales)
  • More Mirrors in the Classroom: Using Urban Children's Literature to Increase Literacy (Jane Fleming)

Partnering to Strengthen Instruction for all Learners (11/23/13)

  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and English Learners (Morales)
  • Instructional Strategies to Support English Language Learners and their Families (Gibbs)
  • Funds of Knowledge: The Importance of How I View My English Learners (Cohen)
  • Meeting the Challenges of the Common Core ELA Standards (Shanahan)
  • Open the Door to Understand: "Understanding by Design" (McGeehan)

English Language Learner (ELL) Resource List

The following is a list of academic resources educators and families:

Texts & Other Materials

Community Resources

The following are multilingual community resources that provide information and materials for teachers and families looking for more information in regard to immigration, poverty, and libraries with multilingual stacks.

The following is a list of culturally specific community resources for educators and parents of ELL students.