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Course Offerings and Syllabi: TLSC

The following is a list of primary courses for the TLSC Teach Preparation porgam. Course descriptions are available via LOCUS.


TLSC 110:   The Professional and Our Program

TLSC 120:   Bringing Language, Learning, & Dev Theory into Practice

TLSC 130: Community Immersion

TLSC 140: Teaching, Learning and Leading for Social Justice

TLSC 150: Developing Constructive Learning Environments

TLSC 160: Analyzing Culturally Responsive Classroom Instruction

TLSC 210: Educational Policy: Then and Now

TLSC 220: Individualized Assessment & Instruction for Diverse Students

TLSC 230: Teaching Written Communication in Elementary Grade Classrooms

TLSC 231: Teaching Science in Elementary Grade Classrooms

TLSC 232: Teaching Social Studies in Elementary Grade Classrooms

TLSC 240: Language, Culture, and Pedagogy in Spanish Bilingual Classrooms

TLSC 241: Language, Culture, and Pedagogy in Spanish Language Classrooms

TLSC 250: Developmentally Appropriate Practice with Infants/Toddlers and their Families

TLSC 251: Family-Centered Assessment and Intervention in Early Intervention

TLSC 252: Foundations, Settings, and Standards of Effective Early Childhood Education

TLSC 253: Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Assessment/Intervention for Young Children with Special Needs

TLSC 260: Typical and A-Typical Development

TLSC 261: Significant Disabilities and Life Planning

TLSC 263: Transition Planning

TLSC 300*: Professional Learning Communities

TLSC 310: Foundations of Classroom Reading Instruction

TLSC 320: Using Classroom Data in a Collaborative Environment to Advance Student Achievement

TLSC 330: Teaching and Assessing Literacy in Discipline Specific Contexts

TLSC 340: Teaching and Learning in an Area of Specialization

TLSC 350: Teaching and Learning with a Global Framework

TLSC 360: Developing Rigorous and Relevant Instruction and Assessment

TLSC 370: Developing and Implementing Rigorous and Relevant Instruction and Assessment

TLSC 380: Teaching, Learning and Leading with Schools and Communities Internship: Student Teaching




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