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Catharina Wigati Retno Astuti

Catharina Wigati Retno Astuti
Ed.D Curriculum & Instruction
Country of Origin
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What inspired you to be an educator?

To see one’s face when he/she started to understand new things made me want to be an educator. It’s like turning a light on in the darkness. To share my skills and knowledge with the youth (students) is important for me as an educator. I intend to equip my students with the knowledge and skills that they need in their daily life and in the future as leaders.

I teach undergraduate students at the Education and Teacher Training Department in Indonesia.  I hope that I have had an increased impact on my students. Hopefully what I have taught them will be taught to their students when they become teachers. I hope my students were inspired by me as an educator.

What are the greatest educational needs in your country?

Professional development for teachers and administrators is the greatest educational need in Indonesia. As we know, teachers are the most important factor in student learning. Administrators can indirectly influence student learning through their leadership and the support system they create. The quality of teachers and administrators will determine the quality of education in Indonesia.

We still have concerns about the quality of education in Indonesia. The Ministry of Education has a program with the purpose of improving the quality of teachers, such as a certification program for teachers. The government thinks this program will insure the quality of teachers and the quality of education. Unfortunately, getting a teacher certificate does not insure the better quality of teacher. Establishing professional development in schools is more important for developing the quality and professionalism of teachers.

How will what you learn at Loyola positively impact your work in your country when you return?

What I learn at Loyola will positively impact my work in two ways: Because I teach undergraduate students, I plan to implement what I learn at Loyola in my class. I hope that new knowledge, skills, values, and paradigm that I learn here equip me so I can better develop my teaching. Additionally, I will participate in a professional development program in Indonesia as a facilitator. Since last year, ten of my colleagues who have graduated from Loyola in 2009 (M. Ed.) have started a professional development program for teachers and administrators in Indonesia. This program runs in collaboration between Loyola and Santa Dharma University. I hope that I can share what I have learned here with other teachers and administrators in hopes it will develop the quality of education in Indonesia.