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Beatrice Kadangs

Beatrice Kadangs
Ed.D Administration & Supervision (2007)
Country of Origin
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What inspired you to be an educator?

I chose to become an educator because I am a strong believer in the saying “education is emancipation.” I believe that most people are suffering from poverty of the mind, not poverty of the pocket. I also believe that education is the main avenue by which poverty can be eradicated in any given society. Therefore, I chose to become an educator so I can contribute my quota in the emancipation of people and thus help eradicate poverty amongst my people.

What are the greatest educational needs in your country?

There are many educational needs in my country but the foremost would have to be infrastructural. The public education system is so defunct it is almost non-existent. In Nigeria, there exists a great wealth of human resources with a good portion of that which calls itself the education sector. However, these educators cannot do their job when their supposed students don’t have proper classrooms to sit in. As an educator I know that a conducive environment is a key component in the learning process, thus it is crucial for this fundamental need to be tackled before other educational problems can be addressed.

How has what you learned at Loyola positively impacted your work?

Loyola has empowered me by giving me the necessary tools needed in tackling the educational problems that plague our society today. Being able to interact with world-class professionals has given me a new lens through which I can see the world and thus create my own niche where I can make the most impact.