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BA/MEd Five-year Degree in Chemistry and Secondary Education

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This dual-degree program takes five years to complete, and enables students to earn both the BA in Chemistry and MEd in Secondary Education degrees along with the state licensure necessary to teach high school grades. Numerous job opportunities are available for students interested in becoming science teachers. In fact, in Illinois the need for science teachers is critical.

The dual-degree program is an appealing option because it offers greater opportunities for advancement and a higher salary base for the graduate than earning licensure at the undergraduate level. Since completing both the BA degree and the courses for a secondary education license typically takes more than four years, undergraduate secondary education students majoring in chemistry are offered this opportunity to complete both degrees in this accelerated program.

Program benefits

  • Earn both degrees together in less time than it would take if pursued separately.
  • Gain broad perspective through a multidisciplinary curriculum.
  • Get real-world classroom experience in diverse settings through Loyola partnerships with schools and communities.
  • Earn a certificate to teach worldwide through the International Baccalaureate Organization.
  • Gain extensive deep experiences engaging with diverse populations, including students with special needs and those labeled as English language learners (all graduates are eligible for ESL endorsement).

Next steps for Current Loyola Undergraduate Chemistry Majors

Next steps for Prospective Students