from the 33rd Annual Meeting
(September 2012)

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T. S. Eliot Memorial Lecturer
Dan Albright

Dan Albright answering questions from the audience

At Washington University:
Jewel Spears Brooker

Christopher Petter, Jonathan Fodors, and Martin Lockerd

John Melillo, Lesley Wheeler,
Tony Cuda, and Ron Schuchard

Fabio Vericat, Cyrena Pondrom,
and Nancy Gish

Julia Daniel and Beth Micakovic

Michael Rogalski performs
Four Quartets

Chez Fathman: Chris McVey and Christopher Petter

Malobika Sarkar

Michael Coyle and Lesley Wheeler

Lisa Chinitz and Elisabeth Daumer

Lee Oser and Cyrena Pondrom

Tony Cuda, Julia Daniel,
and David Chinitz

Tony Fathman at the piano, with assorted chanteurs and chanteuses

Class of 2012