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Student Health Insurance


Loyola’s student health insurance provider is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois(BCBS), administered by Academic Health Plans (AHP).  Students may visit the plan website at luc.myahpcare.com to view a full plan description, plan benefits, exclusions, limitations, and terms of coverage.

If you have your own insurance already or are covered under your parent’s plan, you may waive out of Loyola’s Student Health Insurance by providing proof of other coverage.

  1. Log into LOCUS and select “Campus Finances”, then  “Student Health Insurance”
  2. Select the “Waive out” button and submit your insurance information
  3. The insurance fee will be credited to your student account within 48 hours

Include note about students needing to WAIVE OUT of insurance every fall/spring term if they have current coverage.


Student $1,870 $1,120 $464.00
Spouse/Domestic partner $4,084 $2,419 $1,049
Each child $2,680 $1,588 $689.00
All Children $3,377 $2,000 $869.00

Please visit http://www.luc.edu/bursar/insurance.shtml for more information.


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