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Damen Organization Finalists


UNICEF of Loyola

UNICEF of Loyola works to overcome obstacles children face regarding poverty, health, nutrition, HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation, emergencies, and education in more than 190 countries worldwide. Thus, before anything unimaginable can become real, there must be a believer. Someone who believes with unwavering determination. Someone whose conviction is so powerful that other people start to believe too - more and more, until finally a seemingly impossible idea becomes possible. An idea like 'believe in zero'. Zero starving children. Zero exploited children. Zero preventable child deaths. Believe in zero.

Kapwa - Filipino Student Organization

Kapwa Filipino Student Organization is a cultural organization at Loyola. Kapwa’s mission is to create a welcoming and enriching community that promotes a deeper appreciation, understanding, and respect for the Filipino/ Filipino-American cultures and traditions at Loyola through an array of experiences. Kapwa supported Relay for Life and Operation Christmas Child. Its members also organized donations to the Rizal Center to provide relief to typhoon victims in the Philippines.

Invisible Conflicts

Invisible Conflicts is a social justice-oriented group with a twofold mission. First, the group seeks to educate the Loyola community on issues not normally covered in Western media or governments. Second, the group works to take concrete, creative, and sustainable action to make real change in people's lives. Invisible Conflicts is connected with the Dwon Madiki Partnership and has supported events like Congo Week to fulfill its mission at Loyola.

Council of Pan-Asian Americans

Council of Pan-Asian Americans strives to create and raise Asian American awareness at Loyola by hosting events that celebrate culture and diversity, and that promote justice. Such events include Night Market, International Night, and Project Voice, COPAA Fashion Show, and API Heritage Month. COPAA workshops address an array of topic including microaggressions and developing individuality. COPAA celebrates its ideals not only as an organization and as part of Loyola’s community.

Colleges Against Cancer

Colleges Against Cancer is dedicated to support the effort to eradicate cancer. Known for its fundraising event, Relay For Life, Colleges Against Cancer gathers the Loyola student body and surrounding community. Through this event and other fundraisers, this organization raised more than $50,000 for the American Cancer Society. The members of this small but proud and passionate group work tirelessly with the hope of living in a world without cancer. 

Black Cultural Center (BCC)

The Black Cultural Center is one of Loyola’s premier cultural organizations, and has grown in 2013-2014. Through partnerships with campus organizations such as LASO, ASA, CASA, and COPAA, the Black Cultural Center offered programs like, "It’s Not Just Trayvon" looking into Chicago's gun violence, and hosted a community weekend with the hash-tag "It’s not just a Black thing" to uplift Black students and all communities of color at Loyola. 

Amnesty International (AI) 

Amnesty International at Loyola has grown to reach hundreds of Loyola students in just one year. With a mission to promote awareness of social justice issues, Amnesty International has demonstrated passion for ensuring that the dignity of each human being is upheld. Loyola’s Amnesty International organization has led its students through focused reflection on social justice matters, and has discussed human trafficking in India and student rights in Gaza. 

Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Phi Omega is Loyola’s co-ed service fraternity. The Alpha Phi Omega organization encourages its members to excel and embody its three core principles: leadership, fellowship, and service. Members of the fraternity participate in events such as Care 4 Real and Relay for Life, while volunteering broadly. Alpha Phi Omega strives to develop true servant leaders, focused on the Jesuit tradition of Homonis Pro Aliis, people caring for others. 

Alpha Kappa Psi, Business Fraternity 

Alpha Kappa Psi is the co-ed professional business fraternity at Loyola. Open to all majors, AKPsi aims to provide skills that will benefit Loyola students professionally in their future endeavors. AKPsi is dedicated to bettering the surrounding community through service, exemplified by a student mentorship program at Englewood High School. This program helps students from disadvantaged backgrounds succeed in high school, explore further education, and develop a career trajectory. 


Advocate is Loyola's LGBTQIA outreach group whose mission is to provide individual support, social access, and cultural grounding for Loyola's LGBTQIA student population, while advocating for students’ institutional needs. Advocate is perhaps most known for its Heritage Month and the Drag Show, but provides year-round LGBTQIA-oriented programming. Having celebrated its most successful year yet in 2013-2014, Advocate looks to continue growing and serving as an agent of change at Loyola.