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Faculty of the Year Award


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Amy Wilkinson

Amy Wilkinson is a wonderful and inspirational person in the Loyola community.  Through additional academic assignments and investigation, she attempts to instill Jesuit values and foundations in all of her students.  Not only does she promote values of confidence, justice, and integrity, she also encourages diversity by providing opportunities to work with other community based organizations throughout Chicago such as ASM.  Amy not only provides her students with a strong knowledge base, but also personal advice and guidance.  As a dance faculty member, Amy Wilkinson strives to bring out the best in her students both mentally, physically, and spiritually.  She is a wonderful person and role model to all.

Ann Solari-Twadell
Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

Dr. Solari-Twadell is one of the most inspirational professors here at Loyola. She is a mentor and role model, and a true advocate for her students. Dr. Solari-Twadell is a faculty member within the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing, and specializes in Spirituality in Nursing care. Besides her extensive impact in the nursing world through research and academia, Dr. Solari-Twadell leads the nursing service Immersion to Lourdes, France every year. Her dedication to her students, care for those in need, and her commitment to excellence through academia prove she is more than deserving of the Faculty Member of the Year Award. She is an inspiration to all who meet her, and truly touches the lives of her students and patients everyday.

Hector Garcia
Modern Language
Dr. García's dedication to maximizing each student's potential is admirable. He teaches in three different programs–Spanish, Honors, and WSGS–and he knows all his students personally. Dr. García embodies cura personalis and his courses are some of Loyola's best, as he encourages his students to engage in the city and the world by connecting us to sources of interest. He mentors freshmen in the Men of Color Initiative program as well as McNair Scholars. Dr. García has changed lives by showing his students the power of education. His passions for literature, queer theory, and Latin America have taken him many places and he's vicariously taken his students along as his courses are quite an experience. Walking into a course with Dr. García is entering a wonderful world.
Michael Murphy
Department of Theology

Dr. Murphy has only been at Loyola for a short while and yet his impact is evident. The catholic studies minor is growing and becoming a true source of community for students thanks to him. He organizes bi-annual retreats for students in the Catholic Studies program in which he empowers students to plan events and engage their faith with their studies. His classes are popular and fill up quickly because he is such a great professor with much wisdom. He has been quoted as “the most genuine, caring professor that I have had the pleasure of having.” In class he is encouraging, open, and interested in not only the topic/material, but what everyone has to contribute to the course and discussion. Dr. Murphy hopes to get all students involved, including those abroad to widen the perspectives of our community on campus.  It is all part of his hope to at least spark the fire in each of his student's hearts so that they can continue on to set the world on fire. 

Paul Hering
Medical Education

Doctor Paul Hering is one of the old brigade, men and women who know medicine as well as their own faces in the bathroom mirror. In Spanish, we say "A Doc le conozca la medicina," and thankfully, he has taught me (and generations of students) how to know it, and myself, as well.

Raymond Dye
Interdisciplinary Neuroscience

Raymond (Toby) Dye is one of the most kind and wonderful teachers many have had the pleasure of learning from, and doing research with at Loyola. In addition to a full class load, being the head of the IRB, and the director of the interdisciplinary Neuroscience program, he continues to conduct research with over 20 students. He does not have to do all this, but his love and passion for the field of biological neuroscience is so strong that he actively and happily allows any student with such interest to join in doing research with him. He is a strong example of a Jesuit commitment to excellence in his field of research, being one of the most profound researching in the field of auditory perception. He is a shining example of building community at Loyola through a passion for academia. He truly works for the betterment of the students and research in the field of auditory perception.

Robyn Mallett

In the past year, Dr. Robyn Mallett has enhanced her commitment to Jesuit social justice and transformative education ideals. She has served as a mentor for the Achieving College Excellence and McNair Scholars programs, helping low-income, first-generation, and minority students become involved with research and prepare for graduate school. She is also the co-chair of the Psychology department's Committee on Diversity Affairs, where she brings diverse speakers to campus, extends the department's diversity-related course offerings, and offers professional development programming to the department's graduate students. Dr. Mallett serves on the Department of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs' new Advisory Board, where she will help SDMA gain a better understanding of undergraduate and graduate student needs. As a true leader for Jesuit social justice initiatives both within the Psychology Department and LUC at large, she is truly dedicated to mentoring students from diverse backgrounds, teaching from a social-justice perspective, and researching how targets respond to prejudice.