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Division of Student Development

Staff of the Year Award


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Derrick Gunter

There are very few people who will trek all over campus in order to help a student but DG (as students refer to him) will not only trek, but run if necessary. He recently transitioned to the position of the Director of the ACE program but that doesn't mean he's switched his ability to help students whether it's finding financial resources for low income students or helping first generation college students navigate through their years here at Loyola. He has been with this program since its existence in 2010 on this campus. He dedicates himself to the students in the program, to help them succeed and achieve college excellence. Since he's been at Loyola, he has helped many students to achieve to means to walk across the graduation stage because of his efforts and support.

Edward Moore
Student Financial Assistance

Edward Moore is one of the most incredible staff members here at Loyola as what most would call, an unsung hero. He has helped many students each semester so that they may stay at Loyola, actively seeking out scholarship opportunities as well as building friendships. It is one thing to touch the life is a student through working closely with him or her, but it is another to stand silently in the background and give a student the means by which he or she may achieve an education. He is a selfless man who truly cares about the student body and helping them to achieve their degree despite such economic difficulties. Always cheerful and upbeat, Edward Moore has made a lasting impact at Loyola, never asking for anything in return.

Jamie Ellis
Residence Life

Jamie Ellis has impacted the Loyola community in countless ways this year. She puts her staff, coworkers, and residents needs above her own, tirelessly working for others in all that she does. She has been quoted as not only approachable, but one that makes other to feel competent in their position and comfortable handling various issues. Jamie works with two learning communities this year and both are topics that are very obviously meaningful to her. Jamie is passionate about multicultural and social justice issues and has done incredible work at inspiring the LCA to plan programs. With this being Jamie's last year as a resident director, her future is unclear. This has not fogged her vision once, as she still works very hard at making this year a positive experience for everyone in Simpson Hall. Jamie embodies so many Jesuit values and is one of the most humble and selfless people I have ever gotten to know.

Joseph Saucedo
Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs

Joe's sense of humor never fails to put a smile on the faces of all he meets. He is a kind and caring individual who is committed to social justice, going above and beyond what his role is as a staff member. Although he is constantly busy, he makes sure that he always has time for the students that he serves.  As the new assistant director of SDMA and STARS Coordinator, he has played a major impact in the development of many different students as he constantly challenges those around him to become extraordinary. He has helped shape many leaders here at Loyola as he serves as an example to everyone around him. Joe's passion for the success of underrepresented students has made him an exceptional staff member. He serves as a positive role model for the students that he works with.

Katrina Weizer
Academic Advising

What makes Katrina such an amazing staff member is her commitment to her students. She pushes her students to be their most authentic self, no matter how what that authentic self may be. In addition to being a supervisor for many of the peer advisors at Loyola, she has contributed to the success of many University 101 classes. This semester she also had advising hours in the residence hall during scheduling week to ensure that her students had enough face time with her and to potentially limit their stress that week. Katrina has helped many to become student leaders on campus and find their places.

Lisa Reiter
Campus Ministry

Lisa Reiter quite simply fulfills her position as director of Campus Ministry by leading a life dedicated to seeking social justice and finding God in all things. She is truly a women for and with others, and inspired all who know her to seek a life dedicated to working with other and building a loving relationship with God. "Women for and with others." This Ignatian ideal is perfectly exemplified by Loyola's Campus Ministry director, Lisa Reiter, as she strives and inspires all who know her o live as brothers and sisters of Christ.

Mark Williams
Campus Recreation

Mark “The Shark” Williams is one of the greatest people I have met during my time here at Loyola.  As the head of campus recreation here at Loyola, he holds a number of responsibilities. Yet, what he does best is foster community. Halas is like a family and it is because Shark makes it that way, remembering every student and always asking them about their lives.  Shark is always upbeat and introducing students to one another.  He can be found hard at work in his office or helping student assistants fold towels at the front desk. No one could be more deserving of this award than Mark “The Shark” Williams.

Tobyn Friar
Office of the Bursar

Tobyn Friar is a phenomenal mentor for Men of Color Initiative program. Staff consistently light up when his name is mentioned due to his contagious sincerity, friendliness, and charisma. Even though his office in the Bursar limits the engagement he can potentially have with students, he still dedicates time to meet with them. Tobyn is a second year mentor for SDMA working with freshmen and his commitment to the students of the program is admirable. Tobyn's energy and enthusiasm fill any room he is in, he is passionate about working with students and his commitment is shown in his actions and his friendly attitude.