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Unity of Heart & Mind Award Finalists


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Ann Burns
Management, Theology

Annie’s excellence is embodied in a unique synergy between her head and her heart: Her double major in Management and Theology, with a minor in Catholic Studies, speaks to a yearning for holistic, spiritual sustenance within her academic pursuits. Ms. Burns co-curricular journey is equally emblematic of this junction between mind, body, and soul.  Annie serves on the LUREC Challenge Course as a Student Facilitator, has been a leader in Labre Homeless Ministry, and is currently studying abroad in El Salvador.  She also serves as a Cantor at Madonna della Strada and is one of two student representatives on the Ignatian Heritage Month Planning Committee. Last summer, she represented Loyola at the University Leaders’ Summit hosted by the Ignatian Solidarity Network.
Ann writes, “This past semester, I was invited to be a leader on the Labre Homeless Ministry Team, which I have been active in since my freshman year. At our first training, Nicole Chmela, the WTC Campus Minister asked each of us to define our vocation with this definition in mind: “Where your greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.” My answer, after some pondering, was: to feed people. My vocation is to feed people, in every sense of the word. I hope to feed people physically, with delicious, wholesome meals that I love to prepare. I hope to feed people emotionally, by giving them the space to articulate what’s on their heart. I hope to feed people intellectually, by asking hard questions and challenging the norm. I hope to feed people spiritually, by inviting them to encounter God in the world around them. More than anything else, I greatly desire for this world to be full, because I myself am fed when those I love are satisfied."

Burhan Adhami

Burhan, a Kashmiri native who speaks six different languages, moved to the U.S. only 2 years ago and hopes to become a neurosurgeon. He founded and was selected President of Doc Obsessed, a student organization where students are able to watch and critically analyze documentaries about various matters affecting the modern era. The organization already has 70 members. In the past, he served as a Director of CAN for American Medical Student Association and Network Against Malaria. Burhan is also a certified EMT-B and works as an undergraduate Research Assistant for a cancer genetics lab here at Loyola. A reference writes, “Burhan immediately stood out among the other students in the class for his sharp intellect and pleasant personality – a wonderful combination to find in a person.” Demonstrating his interests beyond medicine, Burhan is also the co-founder of Felicks, a start-up viral website where college students are able to buy and sell anything to other students of their universities. Burhan right now is in the process of launching an iOS app and another student organization- Loyola Union under the umbrella of the prestigious Oxford Union."

Daniel Hare
Sports Management, Finance

Daniel’s nominator wrote, “His current high grade point average is a testament to his passion and commitment to excellence in the classroom and in competition as a member of Loyola’s Men’s Soccer team, Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, and as an undergraduate business student . . .You will often find Daniel coaching youth soccer, tutoring a classmate, or serving dinners at St. Thomas of Canterbury soup kitchen. He is selfless, reliable, diligent and a passionate human being. Daniel was one of 17 soccer players named to the MVC Scholar Athlete Team for the 2013 season.
Daniel wrote, “My goal is to play, coach, or work in the soccer industry. As you review my nomination, I ask you to look past the fact that I am just a soccer player with a dream. I hope you see my overwhelming passion for the sport and my unrelenting approach to make it my career. I should be considered for this award because, as the description states, I am committed to unifying the joys of my heart with the intellectual and academic pursuits of my mind, even if that joy is soccer.”

Flavio Bravo
Philosophy (Social Justice), Political Science

Flavio, a first-generation college student, is a Learning Community Assistant for the inaugural Service and Faith Learning Community where he encourages students to engage in meaningful reflection about their experiences with service.  He is also a Men of Color Initiative mentor, and helped organize the first annual Student Summit on Immigration Reform, an issue about which he is passionate.  Since coming to Loyola, he has participated in the Ignatian Solidarity Network’s Teach-In for Justice, where he was able to be part of efforts to advocate for immigration reform, and a participant at the National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference.  He was a Senator on USGA last year and this year serves as a Justice.  As an intern this year at Catholic Charities of Chicago, he has been able to learn about the issue of humane comprehensive immigration reform from a legal standpoint and assist undocumented victims of violent crimes gain legal immigration status.

Gustavo Arreguin Mendoza
Spanish, International Studies
Gustavo's experience as a first generation commuter student inspired him to become an Orientation Leader.  He is also Vice President of the Student Alliance for Immigration Reform, and a Peer Mentor for the Men of Color Initiative.  He also works as a Student Office Assistant in the Office of International Programs, and a Student Facilitation Intern for the Office of Outdoor Experiential Education.

Heather Afriyie
Sociology, Pre-med

Heather’s nominator writes, “Heather is a shining example of what it means to lead from within, and to connect her hearts desires to the actions that impact our campus, our community, and ultimately, our world.  Heather was part of the Leadership Learning Community her first year at Loyola, as well as the Black Cultural Center and African Student Alliance, in which she was elected Vice President last April and helped plan and execute the African Student Alliance Midwestern Conference.  She has been on the Executive Board of the Campus Activities Network for the past year, and a member of AfroDescent, the African dance team on campus and where she demonstrates her Ghanaian pride by performing dance.

Meriem Sadoun
Psychology, Neurobiology

Meriem is involved in academic research, Muslim Students Association, and is a Resident Assistant in the Department of Residence Life.   Her nominator wrote, “Meriem has built meaningful individual relationships with her residents in Seattle Hall, and she has developed programs that have contributed to a noticeable community feel, something that is not always easily accomplished in an apartment-style building.”  Her faculty reference wrote, “I have known Meriem for 6 months. She is working as a research assistant in my developmental psychology laboratory. I find her to be bright, capable, and incredibly motivated. She is a real standout in her initiative and desire to make a difference.” She attended and presented at the Student Leadership Institute this past January.


Mitchell Baum
Secondary Education, Math

Mitchell, who hopes to become a high school math teacher, writes, “Life is finding your gifts and passions, and working to develop them to their potential so that you can share them with the world. It is working together as a worldly cohesive unit in order to make the best possible experience for the peoples living today and in the future.”  And, he is doing just that.  Enrolled in the Honors Program, Mitchell is also a member of Loyola’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams and has been since his first year.  He somehow finds the time to participate in Loyola’s Labre Ministry Program serving the homeless each Thursday night, as well as a Christian Life Community