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AIDS Foundation of Chicago

AIDS Foundation of Chicago

“The AIDS Foundation of Chicago is a local and national leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS” and seeks to improve the lives of those impacted by the epidemic. This great organization houses a variety of services and resources across the region and is a great place to work, intern, or volunteer.


As an intern with AFC, Loyola student Richard Dumbique was exposed to the wonderful and dedicated people who work hard to provide the community with all these services. He said it was a great way to see where all the money is going and to learn a lot more about HIV. During his time at AFC, Richard go to  work on the preventative treatment side of things with projects like the Female Condom Campaign, and also was able to help on testing sites and view those processes.


Managing “more than $17 million in local, state, and federal funds for an array of AIDS-related services,” AFC is always looking for people to get involved and join “the kindest people you will ever meet fighting in the war to end AIDS.”


To learn more about the organization and the opportunities to get involved, check out their website!