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Living Works

Living Works

Living Works is an organization connected to Living Water Church that helps its communities and their children learn and grow. With a “commitment to anti-violence, anti-racism and ecumenical collaboration”, this program gives youth a place to expand their thinking, verbal, physical, and social skills through its Homework Help and Tutoring, Extra Curricular Activities, and Peacemakers programs.

Maggie Marx, heard about Living Works at the Center for Experiential Learning’s annual community partnerships fair and took advantage of the opportunity. Working with operating founders Katherine and Sue, Maggie has found a place she can “make a little difference” by helping students like Alberto, a seventh grader, with their homework. During her time there, the students have opened Maggie’s eyes to different perspectives and shown her that “succeeding in school goes beyond education and classes alone.”

Living Works has provided Maggie with a nice escape from college life a few minutes a week where she can reflect while building relationships and giving back. The organization has been home to many other Loyola students, some of whom have won awards for their work there. It is a great place to make an impact on the community and help in fostering “the development of the whole child: mind, body, and spirit.”

To find out more about Living Works, check out their website!