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Service-Learning Students Blogging about Extraordinary Experiences Near You!

Want to learn more about what service-learning is actually like?  Check out these student blogs about their ongoing experiences of serving and learning through LUC's many service-learning classes!

"It's exciting to learn all of this first hand but I also think I'm getting ready to dive into some textbooks and do some old school learning about my new home as well."

Travis Olson - International Service-Learning in Vietnam

UNIV 292



"It doesn't take much to bring a smile upon their face and knowing that volunteers have the ability to make their days better is a truly rewarding feeling and shows the importance of volunteering."

Akta Patel

Children's Memorial Hospital

UNIV 290


"When it comes to working for a certain cause the best results are gained from having the passion to actually carry out the tasks necessary to achieve the goals."

Melanie Enright

About Face Theater

UNIV 290 


"Seeing these two women, not too much older than me in that position gave me hope that maybe I'll work there sometime in the future."

Anna Sherman

Christopher House

UNIV 290



"Even though these are all shelter animals, I want to try to step into their paws ('shoes') and see life from their perspective"

Cindy Au

C.A.R.E. of Evanston

UNIV 290



"It's refreshing to see the changes these students are going through and reflect back on who I was back in my younger years."

Celene Hernandez

TNT/ Von Steuben High School

UNIV 290



"Growing up, I had completely underestimated how being bilingual can be so beneficial to not just myself, but to others as well."

Diego Gonzalez

LIFT Chicago

UNIV 290



"In the end, I believe that with a little work and organization the Hayat Clinic can have the potential to help a lot more people."

Luqman Baloch

Hayat Clinic

UNIV 290 

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