Social Justice Interns

Conrad Stasieluk

Major: Biology

Minor: Spanish

Catholic Charities

My experience as an intern at Catholic Charities has been a fulfilling one. I have gained service-leadership skills that have helped to develop me into a stronger leader in the community, communicative skills that have allowed me to handle and address pressing issues, and organizational skills which has aided me in reaching out and utilizing all my possible resources to carry out a task. Working with Catholic Charities enabled me to witness a lot of the struggles that people endure in the city, and with that knowledge, I can begin tackling issues I deem unjust. I will be interning with Catholic Charities again over the summer where I will be organizing and assisting with health fairs all around the impoverished regions in the Chicago area. This will allow me to take the skills I learned at Catholic Charities this year, along with some of my medical training, and use them to provide free quality healthcare to those in need.

Andy Greenia

Major: Sociology

Minors: Urban Studies & Peace Studies

Catholic Charities

My experience working with Catholic Charities has given me valuable experience working in the non-profit sector. Having an opportunity to work with the refugee population in Chicago has challenged me to explore ways I can better advocate for others. Partnering with community organizations, constructing and facilitating workshops, and representing one of the largest non-profit organizations in the U.S. has developed many skills that I will apply toward my career.

My future plans include studying abroad in Uganda and Rwanda this summer, working with organizations committed to addressing educational inequity through structural change, and pursuing a master's degree.

Samantha Zullo

Major: Social Work

Minors: Sociology, Psychology of Crime and Justice

Catholic Charities

This internship has allowed me to work with families in the interim housing program at Catholic Charities. Through this, I have gained a deeper understanding of who the homeless population is, and how to better serve this community. I have had various experiences thus far. I have taught English lessons, assisted with child care, and searched the internet for resources.

I am still unsure of what career I wish to pursue, but this experience has allowed me first-hand experiences that are necessary to find my path. As a social work major, I know I want to work with people, but I am still searching for what job in social services excites me the most.

Hannah Helbert

Major: International Studies

Minors: Photography and Peace Studies


This internship experience has allowed me to get a different perspective on nonprofit work than my past internships at nonprofits.  Misericordia is very different from past organizations I have worked with and I have seen a wide spectrum of what work in the nonprofit and justice field looks like. I know that in the future I will be able to apply the experiences I have had at Misericordia to understand how organizations function to fulfill the needs of those they serve.

My placement has helped me observe what working in a large nonprofit organization with specific duties actually means. Instead of knowing theoretically what this kind of career would consist of, I have seen it in person. My placement has helped me shape my ideas of what kind of role I would like to play in a future career, as well as given me a venue to evaluate my skills and where they lie.

I will graduate in May and am currently pursuing a position with long-term service programs both within the US and abroad.

Name: Andrea Buiser

Major: Biology

Minors: Women's Studies and Gender Studies


Working in the non‑profit sector is something I thought I saw myself doing as a career, but prior to my internship, I didn't know much about the organizational aspects of working for a non‑profit. Being an intern at Misericordia taught me a lot the managerial components about non‑profit work, but it also taught me a lot about community development and its significance in other facets of life, whether it is education, access to health care, etc. I know that working for an organization that works towards fostering community development is of interest to me.